Daniel Smith Loose Watercolor Florals on Canvas

This DIY artwork Daniel Smith Watercolors and different brush strokes to create loose florals on canvas around a silhouette.

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Vintage flowers are all the rage this season and when you combine them with watercolors and a beautiful deer head silhouette you get a gorgeous canvas to hang on your wall or give as a gift. There is something so magical about putting paintbrush to paper or canvas and watching something come to life that you created. Watercolors will take you on a journey of self expression as you learn your style and pigments. Just have fun, don't over think (thus overwork your paper) and you'll find yourself on a whole new adventure every time. Watercolors are loose, forgiving and most of all fun. I especially love the beautiful hues and granulation of the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. They are so richly pigmented and the Primatek line formulated from actual minerals and crystals from the earth provide some of the most gorgeous colors out of any of my palettes. My suggestion is if it has the word Genuine in the name...get it and you will love it! In fact, I have to admit to purchasing colors based on the name only and I've yet to be disappointed. One of the reasons I love painting flowers with watercolors is because your brush is your best friend. Just by manipulating your brush shape you can create petals and leaves of varying sizes and styles. Have fun practicing by making marks on some student grade watercolor paper to see how you can create different shapes using your round, flat, line and oval brushes. The technique I used today is called wet on dry. This means that my canvas was completely dry as I added the pigment and water to it. I find this technique especially good for beginners because it gives you a bit more control as you lay down your color and gently wash it out with clean water on your brush. I encourage you to pull out your watercolors and join me in creating some beautiful, loose abstract florals today!

Supply List:

  • Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors (Opera Pink, Quinacridone Fuchsia, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Phthalo Turquoise, Quinacridone Gold, New Gamboge, Serpentine Genuine, Lunar Blue, Indigo, Shadow Violet, Buff)
  • 8x10 Flat Canvas
  • Silver Black Velvet 3000S Watercolor Brushes (Round 12, 8, 6)

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Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you are inspired to play with your watercolors in a fun, new way. I'd love to see your pages if you do! Be sure to share in our awesome Facebook group! Until next time, Happy Crafting!