Come on Get The Happy Planner!

Posted by Laurel Beard
Check out the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas. It's the happiest way to keep track of your day!

Introducing: The Happy Planner

Hi there!! I've got a fantastic planner to share with you all today! This is the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas (on sale at Blitsy right now!). Now I'll be honest. I've been thru a few planners this year, but THIS PLANNER is the only one I stuck with! It is affordable, practical and cute!! It comes in 5 different styles (in the video I said four and to my pleasant surprise, I was wrong... It's FIVE) and is an 18-month planner (July 2015-December 2016).

This planner is unique because it does not operate with the traditional ring binder system... You know, the ones where you open and possibly pinch yourself when closing? Not this one! Let me just show you... It's way easier to explain that way! In the video, I also show you a bunch of extras I purchased! You do not NEED these extras. You can order just the planner and be fine. But, I found the extra incredibly useful with my organizing, and like the planner itself, they are very affordable.

It's a simple three step process: 1. Pick the planner you love. There are so many options, there is bound to be one that fits you! 2. Pick out some extras. Again, not required, but they are sooo much fun! There are so many little inexpensive add-ons, you won't be able to help yourself. 3. Start planning! This is the part that is the most fun. Stamp, use stickers, pens, pencils, tape, whatever floats your boat! I should stop talking and start showing you... ONTO the video! Enjoy!

Happy Planner Demo Video:

Update: 2016-2017 Happy Planner Styles: