The Sunday Snapshot - Jan 17, 2016

Posted by Katy Weade

Hey guys! Happy Sunday once again! This is my weekly snapshot of what's been happening at Blitsy the past week. I started the series last week - if you didn't catch the first post you can see what you missed right here.

This week was a whirlwind, mostly because we were in Anaheim California for CHA 2016 for the first half of the week. CHA is the biggest trade show for the arts and crafts industry. It's full of new product releases and tons of inspiration. Our heads were spinning as we explored all of the booths to see what's new. We brought our camera crew along and filmed tons of videos to share with you. Most of them were booth highlights and new products, but we did a couple that were different this year. One of my favorites was the Top 5 Hot Trends at CHA 2016, but take a look at my absolute favorite video from the show below. Leave a comment letting us know what YOUR Happy Crafting is!

I LOVE the Happy Crafting watercolored brush lettering at the end. It has inspired me to start learning how to do brush lettering. I finally broke open my Kuretake Gansia Watercolors this weekend. I learned all about these watercolors at CHA. Did you know they are HANDMADE! There is literally a person filling the tubs and hand popping any bubbles/smoothing the watercolors out. So cool! They are awesome because they are opaque, creamy, and glossy watercolors with tons of color options. My first attempt is nothing worth posting, but stay tuned, hopefully I'll be ready to share soon :)

To view all of our CHA 2016 videos click here.

Creative Team Update

We've been busy behind the scenes working on putting together a new Creative Team for 2016. With the crazy busy end of year and CHA it has been a work in progress. This will be our 3rd Creative Team ever. We have kept some familiar faces on the team and will be adding some new faces as well! We have been so lucky to have amazing talent of all styles on our team and I know this next installment also won't disappoint! It is so hard to say goodbye to those who don't stay on the team, but I know our creative paths will cross again one day. I know all be watching all of those talented ladies on their crafty adventures!

We are still finalizing some details for the new team which means we aren't quite ready to announce it. We'll get through January with the remaining posts from our 2015 team and come February reveal all of the new faces!

Last Week's Blog Posts

Did you catch our Blog posts from last week? If not, here's a quick snapshot of what you missed.

Harry Potter fans around the world mourned the loss of Alan Rickman. This Harry Potter quote DIY decor piece by Roxanne was a great tribute to the late actor.

If scrapbooking is your thing check out Latrice's tips for creating a color scheme based off your photos. I think the color scheme in her gorgeous layout would be great for Valentine's Day!

Also on the Blog this week Jennifer Snyder shared a couple of great wintery cards! Click the image for the full tutorial

If you're over winter and the cold, take a look at Tyra's bright and cheery tutorial showing you how to make a card using nested dies!

Another great tip from Kate shows gold foil, gold embossing, and glitter lovers how to create your own specialty paper with glitter or embossing powder!

So much goodness on the Blog this week! Which project post was your favorite?

The Week Ahead

We have a pretty standard week ahead. You'll see a lot more Valentine's Day inspiration on the blog so be sure to keep an eye out for that! Here is what else we will be up to (plus more to come!)

Monday 9:30am CST: PERISCOPE 3 Things to Make this Week (we may test doing this on our Live Facebook as well!)

Tuesday / Thursday 10:00am CST: Live with Blitsy (click here to join - last week's replay is on in the meantime)

Wednesday 3:30pm CST: PERISCOPE Quick DIY Demo

Friday 1:30pm CST: PERISCOPE Lunchtime Crafty Chat - ask us anything or just come to chat with other crafters!

Hope to hear from you guys and see you during some of our live events this week!

Happy Crafting!