The Sunday Snapshot - April 17, 2016

Posted by Katy Weade

Hello Everybody and happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing week and a chance to have some fun this weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous outside here in Chicago. I am happily writing this from my backyard and taking advantage of the nice weather while Miles takes his nap. I've been trying to narrow down what to share with you this week and decided that the biggest piece of Blitsy news is something we haven't even really announced anywhere yet. So, you're hearing it here first!

This past week we released an UPDATED APP in the iTunes Store! That's right, all of you iPhone/iPad lovers, you're in trouble because buying craft supplies has never been easier.

The Blitsy App

When you go to the iTunes store, just search "Blitsy" and you'll be able to find it. If you already have our app just make sure to click on "Update" so you have the most recent version. We've made it prettier, fixed the bugs, and added craft project ideas from our site! For tons of inspiration just click on "Ideas" and you'll be able to toggle between "Projects" and "Videos."

The app brings your craft supply shopping to the next level. You'll notice right when you open the Blitsy App you'll see all of the new sales for the day, but you can also tap on "Departments" which will allow you to drill down to search over 100,000 (there are no extra 0's on that number) craft supplies. I'll share some screenshots with an example. I'll tap my screen in this order from the "Shop" screen, then post the screenshots below. Departments ---> Art Supplies ---> Canvas and Boards

Or you can just type in whatever you want to search for. Need a Best Ever Craft Mat? It's never been easier to find!

You can even send your referral link out to your friends and family right from the app. If they make their first purchase using your link we will automatically put $10 in your Blitsy account for you to shop! Just tap on the "Rewards" tab to get started. Not only that, but you can totally manage your account through the App as well. Need to check on your order? Contact Us? Update your Profile? You can do all of that from "My Account"

So, what do you guys think? If you haven't tried out the new and improved App it's an absolute must. I think we'll do a special giveaway on Tuesday's Live with Blitsy just for somebody with the App. How about $50 to spend on whatever you want using the Blitsy App? I think that sounds like a great plan :) Just join us on Tuesday at 10am CT (right here) and get ready to have some fun shopping on the best app ever!

Happy Crafting!