Ranger Craft Spinner Rack and Extension Kits

Posted by Laurel Beard

Come into my craft room and see my Ranger Craft Spinner and Extension Kit

Hi everyone! It's Laurel Beard here and today I want to take you into my craft room and show you my Ranger Craft Spinner and the extension kits I combined to create my 3 tiered craft spinner to house all of my Ranger Ink blending tools! And guess what? They are ALL available right now on Blitsy at a hugely discounted price! There are 2 days left of the sale so be sure to check it out!

The Craft Spinner comes with the base and one spinner, which is enough for most people. But I love my distress inks so I purchased two more extension kits to create this 3 tier spinner. The extension kits just screw right on to the base. Literally 15 seconds and you've got your spinner assembled...

The ink blending tools are awesomesauce. Truly! And they are just for distress inks either! You can use them to blend your dye and pigment inks too!!!! I have a whole bunch of the sponge refills that are velcroed to the back of my ink pads...

I hope you'll check out the Ranger sale! Have an awesome day!!!