New Series Coming Soon

Posted by Katy Weade
We're working on a new Facebook Live Series and would love your input!

Have you ever been browsing Blitsy and thought it would be great to see a certain product a little more up close and personal? I have a ton of products cross my desk on a weekly basis, and although I don't personally have time to do elaborate craft projects consistently throughout the week (I wish I did!), I DO have time to share product details and the research I have done about it. I also know a lot of you are craving this information - because you have told me! So, I have decided to start a little Facebook Live Series based on this. I think I'll call it "Show & Tell with Blitsy" (unless something more creative pops into my head before the first episode!)

I have a ton of ideas of what to show, but I want to make sure you're seeing what YOU want to see. So, I've created another survey. Please provide your input. I can't guarantee the content because some of it will be based on what products I can get here/timing/etc., but if enough people want to see something I am sure we can make it happen!

As always, thank you so much for being a part of the Blitsy family. Stay tuned for more "Show & Tell" details!