Leather Notebooks Dad Will Love!

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Paper Republic notebooks make perfect Father's Day gifts for dads to jot down notes, schedules or ideas. These beautiful, stylish notebooks and travel companions are created from the finest paper and leather and he's sure to love them for years to come!

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Why your dad will love Paper Republic Notebooks

Quality: Paper Republic creates beautiful notebooks and traveler's notebooks using only the finest leather and paper. Their notebooks and journals look good, smell amazing, and have gorgeous leather that feels wonderful. It's the type of leather that gets broken in and feels better and better over time.

Look: These classics are just that, classic. No overly feminine florals or colorful covers that your dad may think are too "loud." Just the right amount of style and if he wants to add a little pattern on the inside, he can customize the XL and Passport sizes with up to 3 notebooks and a pen. The notebooks come in patterned versions like this one.

Technology friendly: Let's say your dad can not imagine life without his phone but still likes to use pen and paper too, well the Smart Voyageur is the perfect travel companion for him. His smartphone will be kept securely in place right next to a paper notebook thanks to a highly adhesive, yet glue-free pad in the leather cover.

Economical: This leather cover will last a lifetime and while he may need refills of the notebooks at some point, the quality cover never needs replacing and is much more durable and stylish than buying plain, disposable notebook after disposable notebook. It also holds quite a lot and will become his go to organizer.

Meaningful: Just as Paper Republic has put time and energy into producing these quality notebooks, your dad will appreciate the effort it took to find this timeless gift that also has really nice packaging, especially the Writers Essentials Kits, which is presented in a beautiful wood box and tons of extras!

In our technology driven time, pausing to jot something down in a tangible item will help your dad slow down and de-stress. Paper Republic's fine products will age and grow with him only getting better with time and use and with so many combinations of leather covers and inserts, you can truly make having a quality notebook something your dad will love!

Happy Crafting!