Inside Blitsy: CHA Recap

Posted by Meghan Quinones

This week at Blitsy:

We were in Anaheim over the weekend for CHA 2015. Now, the weather was not as sunny as we were hoping, but it was still MUCH warmer than the weather in Chicago. It was so nice to be able to go outside without 5 layers of clothing on!

The show, in a nutshell, was AMAZING!!!! We saw so many new products set to launch this Spring. There are way too many cool products to pick just one, so here is a quick highlight of our trip and what we loved:

  • We saw lots of booths showing DIY gallery walls. This trend was used as decoration in booths and some, like Me & My Big Ideas, actually have kits you can buy to easily create your own gallery wall! The prints are seriously gorgeous!
  • There were also a lot planners being debuted. These were not your standard planners. Think of it as if your planner and your Project Life album got married. It's a way to stay organized while also adding some personal flair. When the year is up, you will want to keep your planner since it will have your year documented!
  • Gold is going nowhere anytime soon! This was a big trend last year and appears to still be going strong. Lots of gold papers, embellishments, and even home decor. We seriously heart gold!
  • We met Glossy, the Mod Podge Mascot. We also had Cathy and Steve from Mod Podge show us what's new from Plaid. Umm...Mod Podge has a new chalkboard formula that will seriously change the way you use Mod Podge!
  • Mason Row has alpha stamps called Pegz that are our new obsession! You can take individual letter stamps and snap them together vertically and horizontally, allowing you to create your own sentiments. Just think of all the possibilities!
  • Hazel and Ruby has created a way for you to easily add patterns to pretty much any smooth surface. Their new DIY Decor Tape allows you to easily add patterns without needing to commit because the tape is removable! That's right, add gold DIY Decor Tape to a wall for a gold themed birthday party and remove it when the party is over. It's just that easy!
  • We filmed a TON of videos while we were at CHA. You can check out all of our videos here in case you missed any of them.

Was there anything you saw debut at CHA that you are obsessed with?

Have a crafty weekend!