Inside Blitsy: A Very Merry Party

Posted by Meghan Quinones

This week at Blitsy we celebrated the holidays with our annual holiday party! Now, this was not your typical party of dinner and drinks, oh no. Our resident game organizer, Katy, had lots of tricks up here sleeve this year.

Here's what went down:

  • We had a photo booth with fun and festive holiday props. This was a huge hit! Who doesn't love a photo booth???
  • In keeping with the holiday theme, Katy had everyone go by their elf name, ah duh! Names ranged from Sqeezey Mcjingles to Puddin Pickle Pants and Cookie Sparkly Toes. Now, if you were caught calling someone buy thier REAL name, you had to give that person one of your raffle tickets (oh, yeah there were also prizes!).
  • Keeping with our love of crafting, there was also a Santa craft-off! The person who accurately created their Santa in the least amount of time won. Let's just say their were some interesting looking Santas...
  • There was also a game of pictionary using the names of Christmas songs. Man, was I impressed with the drawing skills and Christmas song knowledge of people! Blitsy peeps and their significant others REALLY know their Christmas songs!

You can see some of the fun captured below at our holiday party. We clearly had WAY too much fun! Enjoy!