Inside Blitsy: 1.30.2015

Posted by Meghan Quinones

How in the world is January almost over?! I swear time is just flying by these days, which means Spring will soon be here and I am okay with that. We have been posting Valentine's Day projects since the beginning of this month. I know, I know we still have a couple of weeks before it's actually Valentine's day, but we wanted to bring you inspiring projects ahead of time so you could get started early on your crafting. See, we have nothing but the best intentions. Below is also a round-up off all the projects posted this week in our Discover section in case you missed any of them this week.

Come Monday, we will officially be in the month of February. Do you know what that means? Give up? St. Patrick's Day projects! Like I said, you can never start too early. That being said, we should probably start our Easter/Spring crafts. Too soon?

Have a crafty weekend!