Happy National Handwriting Day!

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Celebrate the art of penmanship by learning about some of our favorite writing instruments.

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With advances in technology, penmanship has become somewhat of a lost art. National Handwriting Day intends to keep the history and influence of this very important skill alive. Here are a few fun facts about this special day.

  • National Handwriting Day was established in 1977.
  • It is celebrated annually on January 23, John Hancock's birthday.
  • The founding father is famous for his iconic signature on the Declaration of Independence.
  • In the United States, the saying "put your John Hancock here" is synonymous with "put your signature here."
  • The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) created it as a response to the decline of required penmanship classes for school children. It would continue to decline as focus shifted to typing and computer skills.

Below are five of our favorite products paired with five ways to honor National Handwriting Day via the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association.

KaiserColour Gel Pens emerged as part of the adult coloring book trend but the bright ink is also perfect for scribbling little notes. They come is pastel, glitter, metallic and neon, making them a fun way to brighten someones day. Leave a love note for someone special, tuck an encouraging word into your child's lunch or simply jot yourself a colorful reminder.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens are quite popular here at Blitsy. They contain water-based ink that creates smooth, fine lines. Reconnect with someone you've lost touch with by sending some colorful snail mail. Write a letter and then use the vibrant pens to decorate the margins and the envelope. They are another great pen to use for coloring books and planners pen as well. The colors mix and match beautifully and the package also stands to easily access the pens while writing.

Stabilo Point Pens are a classic versatile pen that is affordable and comes in 47 colors. Let your creativity flow onto paper in poetry form. It's especially therapeutic to write about something you feel passionate about. These pens are formulated to sustain a long cap-off time so there is no need to keep removing and applying the cap as you let your thoughts develop. Jot lines down as they emerge and before you know it your poem has come to life!

Whether you use a traditional journal or practice the trendy art of bullet journaling, Sakura has a pen for you. This pack of Sakura Pigma Pens contains their traditional Microns, one each of the six nib sizes, as well as a Pigma Brush pen and a Pigma Graphic Pen. The brush pen's flexible tip creates thick or thin lines and contains archival ink making it great for doodling and writing down thoughts. Add illustrations to your journal pages with the graphic pen which is great for shading and adding texture.

Don't just sign your name. Hand letter your name! Hand lettering has made a major comeback and is still in full swing, helping to keep the art of penmanship alive. The Tombow Beginner Lettering Set has everything you need to learn all of the essentials. Use the pencil and eraser for guidelines and the dual brush pen, calligraphy pen and marker to practice strokes in varying widths. Turn your name, favorite quote or song lyric into beautiful hand lettered art.

These fun and functional writing instruments make it easy to honor National Handwriting Day not just today, but every day. So keep writing! I bet John Hancock would be proud!