Fill Out Your Blitsy Wishlist for the Holidays

Keep track of everything on your crafty wishlist this holiday season with this printable from Blitsy!

It's that time of year! The hustle & bustle of the holidays (or HoliDIYs!) is in full swing at Blitsy, and that includes getting ready for Black Friday weekend & our best sales of the year! We've been giving you a sneak peek at some of our best Black Friday items in our daily giveaways--we've got a new prize and a new winner every single day, so make sure you go enter! With so many sneak peeks and fun new products, it might be getting hard to keep track of exactly what you want to put in your cart this year. That's where our Black Friday wishlist comes in! Just download it, print it off, and fill it out. There are even check boxes so you can mark items off as you go! Perfect for the craft lover who also loves some organization.

Our Black Friday weekend sales will have all your favorite craft supplies at amazing prices, so you don't want to miss it! The printable is also perfect for casually leaving around the house where your husband or children can find it (or you can always go the less casual, more direct route...I'm a personal fan of taping things in the middle of the bathroom mirror or on someone's favorite thing in the fridge.) So many of you will be buying & creating gifts for friends & family members and spending the holiday season, but don't forget about yourself! Let your friends and family know how easy it is to put a smile on your face with an awesome punch board or a new planner. They can visit us Black Friday weekend to get all their shopping for you out of the way, and then everyone has a merry & bright holiday season ahead!

Download your printable wishlist here! Share your filled out wishlist with us on Twitter & Instagram! We'd love to see what's on it--who knows, maybe we'll even help check something off ;)