Feature Friday: Sowdering About in Seattle

Learn where this craft blogger gets her inspiration!

Welcome to Blitsy's Feature Friday, where we get inside the head of a top craft blogger! This week we chatted with Randi of Sowdering About in Seattle. Read on to learn where she gets her DIY inspiration and the craft supply she can't live without (it was a no-brainer!).

Tell us about Sowdering About in Seattle and how you got started.
I started Sowdering About when we lived in Las Vegas. I was looking for a creative outlet that would help inspire other people to find their crafty side.

How did you get started in crafting?
I come from a long line of crafters, one of my grandmothers crochets, another used to hand sew quilts, my mom used to build doll house furniture, my husband does woodworking...I feel like crafting just comes natural for me!

What is your favorite project that you have done so far and why?
I try to live by the motto that if I won't use it, I won't make it, so it's hard to pick a "favorite" project. I love them all! But, because I have to pick, it would probably be my Harry Potter inspired tree skirt. I'm such a nerd.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects?
My inspiration comes from my interests. I love Harry Potter, so a lot of my stuff comes from from that. I also love working as a Girl Scout troop leader, so I make a lot of kid friendly crafts. If I am not inspired, I cannot create. You cannot force inspiration.

What is your biggest #craftfail?
My biggest craft fail...hmmmm...That is a good question. See, I've had a ton of fails. Failing is how I have found what works the best, the easiest, or just won't work at all. I have a garage full of fails. I can't pick any one out over the others.

Funny story though, I made a jump rope wreath about 3 years ago. I wanted to be ironic because everyone was making wreaths out of every piece of material you could think of and I thought it was ridiculous. So I made this silly jump rope wreath from dollar store jump ropes. It's still, to this day, the only one of it's kind. So maybe that was my biggest fail, because if a wreath made from a garden hose does better than my jump rope wreath, I must be doing something wrong!

What craft product you can not live without?
Washi tape. That was easy.

Cats or Dogs?
I am definitely a dog person, I am horrifically allergic to cats. Up until very recently, we had two dogs of our own, however, we had to put our two dogs down earlier this year. They were both really old and it was horribly sad and we had to do it within 3 weeks of each other. But they were great dogs and one day we will get another. In the mean time, I like to housesit my friends' dogs.

How has your blog changed since you started?
Oh it's changed a lot. I used to do a lot more "mommy" stuff. After about a year, I stopped writing updates on my pregnancy, my children and stopped posting weekly pictures of them. I am definitely more crafts orientated and not so "mommy blogger." My pictures have gotten better too, and that's saying a lot because they are still not great. HAHA!

Are you self taught or did you learn from a class?
I am all self taught. I am a terrible student. I think I have adult ADHD because I have a really had time focusing on things when people are lecturing or giving instruction. Heaven help me when I go back to school in a few years.

Which crafty medium do you love the most any why?
I love to paint. I love everything about paint. Water colors, spray paint, painting walls in a house...I love it all. I love the freedom I have in my little imaginary worlds. I love that I can create a world within a painting and bring it to life! I think when you put that kind of passion into your work, even if a stranger walks by and sees it, they can be captivated by the magic and the passion you put into that art, even if they can't see the story that played out in your head while you painted it.

What was the first thing you ever made?
The first thing I ever made for my blog, or remember making, was a menu board. I used an old frame from the thrift store, spray painted it, hot glued clothes pins to the glass and made a bunch of little dinner cards. I used it for a week. That was 5 years ago. It still hangs on my wall though.

Thanks for chatting with us Randi!