Feature Friday: Natalme

Find out what she's learned about blogging & DIY.

Welcome back the Blitsy's Feature Friday! This week we're chatting with Natalie Wright, a Utah-based mom, blogger and DIY lover. Natalie shares her creativity at Natalme, and is also a member of the Blitsy Creative Team! Read on to learn what inspires her, how she makes time for crafting, and what she's learned.

How did you get started in crafting?
My mother was always crafting when I was young. I just assumed everyone's mom had a craft room!

What is your favorite project that you have done so far and why?
So hard to choose! I once made a tepee out of t-shirts for a t-shirt contest.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects?
Texture or colors I see around me. I love visiting art museums, paper stores, galleries... all inspire me to create more.

We love inspiration over here. What is your Mantra that motivates each day?
It's more of a beverage called coffee. :) I just push myself to finish things. I take pride in calling myself a finisher, even if I don't completely love how it looks, I always push myself to get it done.

How has your blog changed since you started?
It shapes with my interests and skills. I pay a lot closer attention to details and photo styling than I use to.

How do you fit crafting into your everyday life?
I have kids that love it as much as I do, so we often craft together in the evenings. I crave it, so I always make time for it!

What is your biggest crafting pet peeve?
When people don't create, and just share what others have created. You can do both! Don't be afraid to jump in!

Are you self-taught or did you learn from a class?
Mostly self-taught. I love to learn new things. The Internet sure helps!

Is there anything you learned the hard way while crafting?
Safety first! I once sliced my finger the day before a TV appearance. Go slow, and be careful.

What do you love about papercrafting?
I mostly create party scenes with paper these days, and I love that my job is focused around celebration. Every person deserves a party just for them, and I love the joy my creations brings others.

What was the first thing you ever made?
My first blog post was all about organizing my kitchen. It was bad. And really not that organized. But my friends loved it, and it motivated me to keep blogging and creating.

Thanks for chatting with us, Natalie! Be sure to check out her projects at Natalme, and keep an eye out here for her next Blitsy Creative Team DIY!