Feature Friday: My Mommy Style

Check out our interview with this top family blog.

If you have young kids, you have to check out My Mommy Style. Full of parenting hacks, fun projects for the kids, and personal development posts, it's a daily destination for anyone looking to embrace the mom that they are! For this week's Feature Friday, we chatted with Camille, part of My Mommy Style's blogging team and an entrepreneur. Camille has a passion for connecting people and uniting those around her to create more than could ever be achieved on their own. Read on to learn how My Mommy Style has grown into a successful blog, recently nominated for Blog of The Year (2015), and featured in People Magazine.

Tell us about My Mommy Style and how you got started.
I write My Mommy Style with my older sister Janae, and my cousin Melissa. We have now been writing together for three years sharing recipes, crafts, DIY, parties, travel, parenting tips, fashion, and our day to day lives as mothers. It began as something to fill the creative time I craved as a stay at home mom and has grown into a business that I absolutely love. We want women every where to embrace their unique styles of mothering and embrace what brings them joy.

How did you get started in crafting?
I have always loved to create. My mother made ceramics and porcelain dolls as I grew up so I am guessing I got my creative bug from her. I enjoy sewing, decorating, styling, and taking on a DIY project. I rarely would prefer to buy something when I know I could make it, and it is always fun to add my own twist. I also love to make parties an experience to remember and my husband lovingly asks if we can just buy a cake and eat some pizza, which sometimes we do too.

What is your favorite project that you have done so far and why?
My most recent project that I absolutely loved putting together was my family office. I was able to take a space that we rarely used and made it into an office I love and a guest bedroom in one. I loved mixing old with the new, creating exposed pipe shelving, and a large DIY frame for our United States map. It all came together so well and we love to spend time in the room as a family now.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects?
A lot of different places. Sometimes it is out of need, other times it is being inspired by something that I see and wanted to make it for a lot less! ha! I love to shop at IKEA, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, West Elm and other places but often times cannot afford what I want, so I make it my own for a fraction of the cost. I also find things that I love on Pinterest and create folders for parties, decor, or crafts that I want to try for later. You can follow us on Pinterest here.

What is your biggest #craftfail?
Hmmm. Does cooking count as a craft? I tried to make homemade alfredo sauce from a block of alfredo cheese once and it turned out horribly wrong. That one is my favorite. Often times if I have a craft fail I try to make it look like its on purpose. Sometimes it works. :)

What craft product you can not live without?
My glue gun. Such an easy fix for a quick hair bow or curtain fix.

Cats or Dogs?
I love both, but my husband is allergic to cats, so dog it is! We have a 9 year old Puggle and I can't bear the thought of losing him, he was my "first born" so to speak.

How has your blog changed since you started?
The blog actually started with the name solsticesisters.com and seven of us writing on a variety of topics that was very random. We are now much more focused on what it is we are talking about and the photography. I have learned so much about marketing, photography, writing, and advertising along the way. I have now grown into business consulting connecting bloggers with brands and advising companies how to develop meaningful relationships with bloggers and I love it. Connecting people with their passions is a happy place for me.

Are you self taught or did you learn from a class?
Both. I would love to take more water color art classes someday and expand my sewing skills. I did take sewing in college as it was part of my major, but I literally had to study the book and learn how to thread it myself filled with a room of women who already had a passion and drive for sewing. I have come a long way, and still have a lot to learn.

What was the first thing you ever made?
My very first craft that I can remember making with a purpose was a piece of cloth in which I sewed a button and a long string for my sister to "wave goodbye to her boyfriends with." We have her unwrapping it on video and to this day that memory still brings a laugh to all of us. The fact that she had no clue what it was or it's purpose could tell you that perhaps that was my best craft fail. With anything, crafting is done to be enjoyed and I think that square piece of fabric brought us more joy that we could have ever have imagined.

Thanks for chatting with us Camille! Make sure you visit My Mommy Style to check out more great projects and ideas for kids!