Announcing New Buying Guides

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Do you want to start hand lettering, but don't know what supplies to buy? Are you curious what you need to get started in bible journaling? We have you covered! Our new buying guides will walk you through all of the supplies you need to get started alo

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What Are Buying Guides?

Here at Blitsy we want it to be easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. So, we've created buying guides for some of the hottest trends in the crafting world like Watercoloring, Adult Coloring, Bible Journaling, Planner Addicts, Studygram, Bullet Journaling, and Hand Lettering. These guides show you what supplies are needed (and which ones are popular!) within each trend.

We have curated products for each trend which includes the basic supplies to get started along with other favorites and must-have products. Once you click on a buying guide you'll find a section on the left hand side where you can filter by category. You can also filter by new releases so you can see the latest and greatest!

Here's What You'll Find in Each Buying Guide

- Watercoloring - You'll find watercolor paper, watercolors, water brushes, and other color products like Color Bursts that react with water!

- Adult Coloring - We have a wide selection of adult coloring books to choose from along with markers and pens that pair perfectly with each.

- Bible Journaling - You'll find stickers to stamps and everything in-between when it comes to bible journaling - even a bible!

- Planner Addicts - With so many brands of planners, you'll have a hard time choosing just one. That also goes for all of the stickers, clips, and accessories you'll find in this buying guide!

- Studygram - If studying is your jam, you'll love all of the journals and stationery you'll find here along with gorgeous pens, and washi tape.

- Bullet Journaling - You'll find over 20 books and journals in this guide to start Bullet Journaling. There are also numerous pens and stencils.

- Hand Lettering - If you are just starting out with hand lettering, or are more experienced, you'll find tracing paper for your practice sheets, a hand lettering starter set, and so many writing instruments for all skill levels.

With our new Buying Guides you'll be able to search the latest and greatest supplies in some of the top trending categories like hand lettering and watercoloring. You'll be able to easily find just what you are looking for to either get started or to foster your skills!

Happy Crafting!