All About Live With Blitsy

We are coming to you live from our Blitsy HQ craft studio! Learn everything you need to know about your new favorite show.

Whoa guys. Whoa. Yesterday was our live launch party of Live with Blitsy, and what a party it was! We've been having a great time on Periscope for the past few months, but knew we wanted to take it to the next level and find a way to get even more of you involved and learning about all the great products we have at Blitsy. Live with Blitsy is what we've created, and we're pretty excited about it!

This was a great first run for us! We truly had no idea what to expect, and were blown away! There were a ton of Blitsy lovers with GREAT questions and plenty of energy! We learned a lot and had a great time with you, and can't wait to grow this program and share even more of our favorite craft & DIY things!

In case you missed the broadcast, or were there but had a few questions, I wanted to take a minute to help out and break it all down for you! Here's a little guide on how to get the most out of Live with Blitsy.

When to Watch

Right now, we hope to have a new show for you every Tuesday & Thursday at 10 AM CT. This is right when our sale launches, so you'll already be at Blitsy, right? This is a great chance to get a peek at some of our favorite items that are available at Blitsy and learn more about products you might not be familiar with.

Where to Watch

The best place to watch Live With Blitsy is right here at on our site! You can find our broadcasts here. We'll have the full selection of the products we're sharing and demonstrating right below the broadcast, so if you see something you like you can just add it to your cart!

If we're not currently live, our most recent broadcast will be playing on a loop (this is also great if you miss any of the live show!). There will be a blue "Replay" icon in the top righthand corner of the video, so you know that we may not be available to take or answer any questions. Don't worry though! You can always find us on Twitter or Facebook, where we love chatting with you about all things crafts & DIY!

Tips for Watching

We love being able to interact & chat with you during the show! This is a great way for you to ask questions and get them answered live by the Blitsy team and our crafty friends.

You should land on the chat window by default (it'll be the right of the video broadcast), and this is where we'll be hanging out. There's a shot of what it looks like below.

Chatting, but we missed your question? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We'll be happy to find a product for you or share DIY tips!

Next, you can log in. You don't have to log in to watch or participate in the chat, but it helps us know who we're talking to and makes it easier to keep track of who is who or who wanted to know what or who gave the right answer to win a prize (things move fast, and it can be easier to remember SarahSmith or CraftLover8 than anonymous-93793 or anonymous-39074!).

You can log in in just a few seconds by connecting to Facebook, and this will still allow you to set a unique username. You can also create an account on the streaming service, USTREAM, if you'd like.

Note: even if you're watching on Blitsy, your log in for this chat is not your Blitsy log in information. Here's what these windows look like:

There's also a Social Stream column, which is a great way to share Live With Blitsy on Facebook and Twitter with your crafty friends! You can see what this looks like below. If you have questions, make sure you head over to the Chat tab!

We had a blast, and we hope that you did too! Hope you can join us for the next episode of Live With Blitsy! You can always send feedback & suggestions to our team via email as well. Just email and we'll try to work it all in!

Happy Crafting!