30-50% OFF My Top 5 Happy Planner Picks

Posted by Katy Weade
In honor of the big MAMBI Sale going on right now I thought I'd share my top five Happy Planner picks! Everything from Me & My Big Ideas is on sale for 30-50% off, plus free shipping within one business day on qualifying orders.

1. Live Loud Mini Happy Planner

I haven't jumped onto the Mini Happy Planner bandwagon yet, but I have been itching to try one out. The Live Loud Mini Happy Planner may just put me over the edge! I love the positive message on the front and the pink color feels perfect for Spring. The Mini Happy Planner is the perfect size to take on the go. I'm thinking I will use this planner to track the rest of my pregnancy. I have a lot of doctors appointments coming up and things to get done before baby arrives. Bonus: this planner comes undated so I can get started right away!

2. Planner Pen Case

The Happy Planner Pen Case is the perfect size for taking my must have planner supplies on the go. I fell in love with this pen case because it is the perfect size to fit your Classic Happy Planner + all of your pens + even your stickers! Usually I would stick with the Mint colored one, but for some reason the Salmon is speaking to me!

3. Memory Planning Sticker Value Pack

When MAMBI came out with the Happy Planner Sticker Value Packs it changed my life. I am so not kidding! The value packs are JAM PACKED with stickers that all coordinate beautifully together and with your Happy Planner. What I love about these packs is that because you get so many stickers you don't feel guilty using them up. With that being said, I guarantee you'll want more once you have used them up. I chose the Memory Planning Sticker Value Pack for this top ten list because it's great for just everyday moments. It also has some gorgeous watercolor and hand lettering touches.

4. Happy Planner Snap In Cover - Quilted Black

If you want to give your Happy Planner a more sophisticated look then I highly recommend the Quilted Black Snap In Cover. Although I love the look of the laminated covers that the Happy Planners come with (which is why I always seem to need a new planner!), I found myself feeling apprehensive to pull out my planner during meetings and appointments. I guess for some reason it felt a little unprofessional as it came. Enter the Snap-In Cover which instantly gave my planner a grown-up makeover! I love that it snaps right over your original cover and can come right off when you want to be more playful.

5. Happy Planner Fresh Floral Washi Tape

Raise your hand if you love Washi Tape as much as I do! I chose the Fresh Floral Washi Tape because of the fresh colors and, well, floral :) We have a saying around here at Blitsy, "When in doubt add glitter - or washi tape" you can never go wrong! I love that the MAMBI Washi Tape comes with 7 rolls, all of which coordinate beautifully together. They also are in varying widths, which gives you a lot of options when it comes to planning. You can mix and match with ease!

So there you have it - my (current) top 5 Happy Planner picks! I have to throw the word current in there because I have a new favorite pretty much every day hour. If you haven't checked out the 30-50% off sale what are you waiting for?! Once you've picked out your favorites give us a comment on Instagram letting us know what you chose!

Happy Crafting,