Golden Scissors 2016

Posted by Katy Weade
Remember how exciting it was when Charlie Bucket found the Golden Ticket? Well, now it's your turn! Find a pair of Blitsy Golden Scissors and you'll be qualified for the $1000 grand prize drawing!

How exciting would it be to open your next Blitsy order and find a beautiful pair of Golden Scissors? It would be even more exciting if those scissors could qualify you to win $1000 shopping spree, right? Well, dreams come true because that is exactly what is happening right now at Blitsy! There are actually 3 ways you can try to win a pair of Golden Scissors.

1. Enter your email address on this page

2. Check your Blitsy orders! We will be dropping a pair of Golden Scissors in random orders placed through November 31, 2016

3. Join us on Facebook Live as often as you can, especially during our Black Friday Sleepover!


Everyone who wins a pair of Blitsy Golden Scissors will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $1000 shopping spree at Blitsy! Can you just imagine all of the craft supplies you could get with $1,000?! There are only a limited amount of Golden Scissors to be found, so the odds of winning the Grand Prize are totally in your favor if you're lucky enough to qualify!

Just 150 people will receive a pair of Golden Scissors and be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing. The Grand Prize winner will be announced and notified on December 25th, 2016. Merry Christmas to you!)


  1. Jennifer Hofbauer
  2. Angeline Choo
  3. Melanie Tesch Pendleton
  4. Sue Harris
  5. Rosa Robertson
  6. Renie
  7. Casie Lindsly
  8. Kay Fowler
  9. Raylene Hillhouse
  10. Danielle Arnold
  11. Michelle Holt
  12. Lisa Bickley
  13. Kayla Alfrey
  14. Lila Mora
  15. Hannah Newton
  16. Sharon Tripp
  17. Heather Mueller
  18. Vicki Farris
  19. Cathleen Potter
  20. Kathleen Thompson
  21. Heather Staffford
  22. Gail Tutthill
  23. Janice Clausen
  24. Cindy Meier
  25. Barb Nemeth
  26. Kellee Kennett
  27. Vicki Miller
  28. Melissa Cox
  29. Betty Welsh
  30. Elaine Smith
  31. Norma Kirks
  32. Nancy Carroll
  33. Tracy Moloney
  34. Chandra Skinner
  35. Shelly Marlot
  36. Sandra Steele
  37. Margaret Stumpf
  38. Karen Lindstrom
  39. Amye Elbert
  40. Debra Osterlund
  41. Judi Terracina
  42. Katye Mozo
  43. Sharon Lee
  44. Elizabeth Caudill
  45. Teresa Cooley
  46. Judy Jane McAdam
  47. Dale Wallis
  48. Sharon Ingles
  49. Sherri Betts
  50. Sherry Bear
  51. Lynne Mizera
  52. Christy Brown
  53. Pam Vikingson
  54. Julie Greaves
  55. Shawnee Charles
  56. Tracy Clark
  57. Judith Hatton
  58. Lisa Marczak
  59. Darlene Cross
  60. Elaine Weberg
  61. Debbie Hight
  62. Tina Offerjost
  63. Claire Saunders
  64. Frawn Cherry
  65. Cynthia Burroughs
  66. Julie Campbell
  67. Teri Gutermuth
  68. Barbara Miller
  69. Lajuana Bassett
  70. Savanny Van
  71. Ginger Hester
  72. Alicia Willis
  73. Susan Atkins
  74. Cat McAlister
  75. Kimberly Mahaffey
  76. Lisa Newkirk
  77. Deb Wagner Duryee
  78. Sheryl Singley Brodigan
  79. Bridget Collins
  80. Ramona Downing
  81. Debra Brock
  82. Lisa Ann Runions-McDonald
  83. Aracely Bautista
  84. Cindi Brown-Patton
  85. Jean Shaffer
  86. D Ann Comer
  87. Lynn Lopez
  88. Bobbi Ann Day
  89. Komal Agarwal
  90. Heaven Anderson
  91. Nancy Fanning
  92. Janet Myers
  93. Rochelle Jackson
  94. Irene Odom
  95. Barbara Warf
  96. Amber McGary
  97. Jennifer Swilling
  98. Sharon Bird
  99. Beverly Montez
  100. Lindsay Triplitt
  101. Susan Boeglin
  102. Rosalinda Letterman
  103. Amanda Carper
  104. Sharon Sullivan
  105. Karin Rivers
  106. Christina Wauchope
  107. Marcia Sherman
  108. Marcia Neves
  109. Joan Rotert
  110. Kristin Jarrett
  111. Connie Pedini
  112. Danil Toropov
  113. Renee Phifer
  114. Carrie Menzel
  115. Patricia Best
  116. Zhi Qiu
  117. Ayala
  118. Kelly Munoz
  119. Jenn Lietz
  120. Jennifer Barlow
  121. Kathy Hutchison
  122. Tamara Garner
  123. Zizai Ning
  124. Diane Ballard
  125. Pricelda Guillen
  126. Cathy Lutz
  127. Susan Nordquist
  128. Sandra Bonagura
  129. Margaret Coccia
  130. Eileen Quimpo
  131. Rebecca Evanoff
  132. Shelly Lehman
  133. Judith Kuusisto
  134. Kathy Eddy
  135. Florence Kutch
  136. Vi Vo
  137. Millicent Frehner
  138. Aryana Robinson
  139. Ryan Kirchner
  140. Patricia Putnins
  141. Amy Eckert
  142. Rose Kachinski
  143. Faye Thompson
  144. Kim Richter
  145. Lisa Steele
  146. Dorothy A. Cullen
  147. Nanci Prowell
  148. Laura Heffron
  149. April Scalpone
  150. Sherri Schneyder
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. ONLY NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS is required. Other entries may be randomly awarded within orders placed on during Contest Period. Additional entries may be rewarded on Blitsy's Facebook Live Broadcasts. Join the Live Broadcasts on each Monday in November at 12pm CT and during the Blitsy 
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have reached the age of majority in their respective province or territory of residence at the time of entry. Employees or contractors of the Sponsor(s) and immediate family members of, and any persons domiciled with any such employees or contractors, are not eligible to enter. 1 recipient of the Golden Scissors winners will be chosen at random for the Grand Prize 
of $1000 in Blitsy store credit using the system. The odds of winning will depend on the number of Golden Scissors rewarded. The winner will be announced on Facebook Live during our Blitsy Sleepover Event & sent an email. Winners will have forty-eight hours to respond. If no response is received within forty-eight hours, another winner will be chosen. 
Administrators are not responsible for prize fulfillment nor for any technical failures. Winning entry will be verified. A list of winners will be displayed on the original Blog post. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and/or Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. If applicable, social media posts (such as but not limited to tweets and Instagram posts) 
must be PUBLIC to be eligible. If you sign up for newsletters as entries, you must confirm your subscription for those entries to count. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. The winner's entries will be verified. Residents outside of the US and 
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