Blitsy Golden Scissors 2017

Posted by Katy Weade

Win Golden Scissors + a $1000 Blitsy Gift Card!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Blitsy Black Friday Season is back, which means it's time to start vying for a pair of Golden Scissors! If you're not familiar with all of the fun things we do for Black Friday around here then you're in for a treat. You see, Black Friday is kind of a big deal to us. It just so happens to be Blitsy's birthday, so we do it up big the entire month of November! I'll kick it off today with telling you all about this year's Blitsy Golden Scissors promotion.

The Details

If you're the lucky recipient of a pair of Golden Scissors you are automatically entered into an exclusive drawing for a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR Blitsy Gift Card! There are a bunch of ways to get your hands on those scissors throughout the month of November, so make sure you play along. The $1000 gift card winner is announced on Christmas Day.

How you can find a pair

1. We will be randomly dropping a pair of Golden Scissors in orders placed on throughout the entire month of November. It doesn't matter where you live, your order could have a pair of Golden Scissors inside!

2. We will offer up opportunities to snag a pair on our Instagram (make sure you also check IG Stories!) and on our Facebook page. Follow us on both and turn on notifications so you never miss a post!

3. We have a secret Facebook group just for Blitsy Insiders. Of course the Insiders will get exclusive opportunities for Golden Scissors (and a heads up where to look for them when we post other opportunities).

4. We'll have Golden Scissors to give away during our annual Black Friday Sleepover Party. Join the Blitsy Insiders group for more info and to RSVP!

5. I'll probably sneak a couple of pairs over to my Instagram to give away, too :)

6. 10 Winners will also be chosen from entries from the widget below!

Giveaway Widget

Good luck, everybody! Don't forget to enter the Sneak Peek Giveaways, too! Oh, and I hope to see you at the Black Friday online Sleepover Party!

Happy Crafting,


PS - Blitsy Black Friday deals launch at 12am (Central) on Friday, November 24th. You will definitely find the BEST deals of the year so be sure to shop early!