Blitsy Giveaway: Tumble Dye Sei Spray

WINNER: Kanika Gupta

Blitsy is back with another great giveaway! School is ending, which means that you're going to need something to keep the kids busy! This month we'll be giving away craft supplies that will help you entertain the kids all summer long! First up: Tumble Dye Sei Sprays.

This is not your ordinary tie-dye! Tumble Dye works on fabrics, ribbon, lace, trims, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper and more! Simply spray the article with the dye for the desired look and throw it in the dryer for 20 minutes. No dunking, soaking, or washing necessary. It's permanent, washable, non-toxic, and water based.

Need an idea for how to get started with these sprays? Check out this project from Laurel! Enter now for your chance to win!