Black Friday 2017 - Sneak Peek Giveaways

Posted by Katy Weade
The Blitsy Black Friday countdown is officially ON! Each day between now and Blitsy Black Friday (Midnight, Nov. 24), we will be giving away Black Friday sneak peeks! Check this post daily for the peeks plus a chance to win all of the goodies!

Blitsy Black Friday Schedule

Sneak Peek Giveaways: November 10-24 | Check this post each day for new sneak peeks and giveaway entries

Golden Scissors: Entire month of November | Getting a pair of Golden Scissors qualifies you for a $1000 Blitsy Gift Card

Black Friday Online Sleepover: Thursday, November 23 | 11pm CST | RSVP

Black Friday Sale: Friday, November 24 | Midnight CST

Blitsy's Birthday Weekend (check for new deals): Saturday/Sunday November 25-26

Cyber Monday (more new deals) : Monday, November 27

About the Sneak Peek Giveaways

Each day between now and Black Friday, we will reveal a new giveaway. Everything within the giveaway is a sneak peek at some of the items that will be priced amazingly at Blitsy for Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend. Each giveaway is JAM PACKED with some of our top items! Pay close attention to what's in each giveaway and start making your Black Friday wish list!

Enter the Giveaway (Daily through Nov. 25)

Day 1 Giveaway: Tim Holtz Treasures

Here's a rundown of everything you'll get:

Tim Holtz Stamp Platform

This just so happens to be one of the hottest tools of the year! (I mean, of course we'll have it for Black Friday, but act fast before we run out). Just in case you aren't familiar, the Stamp Platform makes the life of a stamper easy. Have you ever stamped an image and despite making sure you inked it up well enough and making sure that you applied plenty of pressure all over your stamping block, you end up with a less than perfect image? Well, that problem is eliminated with this tool! You'll make perfect contact with your paper every time. Bonus: It works with both clear and rubber stamps!

We figured if you're getting the Stamp Platform, then we should probably also throw in the Stamp Platform Zipper Sleeve. This light weight neoprene fabric storage case has a stylish monochrome design and Tim Holtz' signature :)

If you're going to be doing all of that stamping then you'll probably want to stock up on Distress Oxide Ink Pads! We've thrown 6 popular colors into this giveaway to get you started. If there was ever an ink pad to get a lot of hype, it would be this one! The combo of pigment and water-reactive dye give Distress Oxides an advantage over other ink pads and allows you to create multiple projects using a variety of techniques. Not only does the sprinkle of water leave beautiful water drops on the page, but the blend of pigment and water-reactive dye also allow for smooth blending among colors. Distress Oxides allow for layering that will enable you to add colors without it turning into a brown glob (thank goodness). Also, stamping will give you crisp presses!

Finally, if you're going to be playing with your new Distress Oxide Ink Pads, then you'll probably need a Blending Tool. These are a staple for any stamper's craft room and sell like hot cakes. Use them to apply Distress Inks, pigment inks, Nuvo Mousse, alcohol inks, and more to create beautiful backgrounds for your cards. The wooden handle is easy to grip and the 1-inch blending foams attach and detach easily. You get two tools and four blending foams in the kit, plenty to get you on the way to more dramatic backgrounds and scrapbook pages.


What do you think of the Day 1 Giveaway? Enter using the widget above then join the conversation in our Blitsy Insiders Facebook Group!
**this is only a small sampling of what will be discounted deeply for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at Blitsy. Some other Tim Holtz treasures to keep an eye on are: Distress Crayons (did you get the new Metallics yet?), Mini Distress Ink Storage Tin, Stamps, Guillotine Trimmer....basically, if it says Tim Holtz on it you'll want to look for it at Blitsy on Black Friday!

Day 2 Giveaway - Watercolor Wonders

If you haven't already, you will fall in love with Prima's Watercolor Confection Watercolors! These Watercolor Pans are artist grade, high quality and highly pigmented. They come in a sturdy tin, which is perfect for taking on the go! It has a tri-fold open allowing you to use one of the sides as a built in palette. The Odyssey set has gorgeous earth-tone colors in this rich palette, you will want to mix, blend and create works of art! Make sure you check out all of the other Watercolor Confections colors, too (hint: pastels, metallics, classics, and more). You may just want to add them to your Black Friday Wish List.

Since you'll be getting the Watercolor Confections, you'll probably want some Watercolor Brushes! We've thrown 6 brushes into the giveaway for you, all of different sizes. The brushes are made with 80% Kolinsky Sable Hair and 20% synthetic blend held in rust-proof metal. The wooden handle is painted in pretty colors for easy distinction among other brushes and is labeled with its number and the Prima logo. This brush works wonderfully with Prima Watercolor Confections and watercolor pencils as it has a strong point and great color holding capacity.

You'll want to store your brushes, watercolor pencils, pens, and so much more in the sparkly, compact storage case from Prima with its pink, glittery cover. It's perfect for holding and storing your tools safely and taking them on the go with you. I'm in love with the black and white striped inside of this storage bag :)

You'll be all ready to go with your new watercolors and brushes, so we thought you might want to try out some new techniques with the Christine Adolph Watercolor Resist Pen. It's really fun to use: just draw or write with the pen, allow time for the fluid to dry. Once dried, add your watercolor, then just peel or rub off the resist to reveal the white lines!

9x12 Watercolor Pad

What would all of this great watercolor stuff be without some proper paper? This isn't available at Blitsy YET, but it will be on Black Friday! I wish I could tell you how INEXPENSIVE this pad will be on Black Friday, but you'll have to wait! This 9x12 Cold Press Pad is 140 lb, Medium Weight, Acid Free, and perfect for practicing your watercolor techniques!


Let me know in the group what you think of this giveaway!

Day 3 Giveaway: Gel Pen Addicts Unite

Here's what you'll win:

100 Premium Gel Pens in a Rotating Stand

You guys, this isn't even available at Blitsy yet, but it will be on Black Friday!! You'll love everything about this set, including the price. You get 100 Premium Gel Pens, but the best part is the stand they come in - it spins! You can display this on your desk for an amazing pop of color. I am obsessed with all of the colors and can't wait to see who wins this! I think this would make an impressive gift, too. Know a Planner girl? She'd love you forever if you gave her this :)

Be sure to choose ""Gel Pen Addicts Unite" as the giveaway of your choice in the widget above if you want to win these babies!

Day 4 Giveaway: Plan On It

Here's what this prize package contains:

Webster's Pages Color Crush Gold Dot A5 Planner Kit

I have long said that the Webster's Pages Color Crush Planners are the prettiest way to plan your day! In this giveaway you will receive an A5 Gold Dot Color Crush Planner Kit. Included is a 6-ring PU leather binder with an inspiration tag, one today page marker, 5 patterned dividers plus one cover design & vellum, gold foil signature quote overlay, divided inserts (6 pages per divider) and one 12-month undated calendar with monthly and weekly views. You'll be ready to plan right out of the box, no waiting until January!

Webster's Pages Color Crush Gold Dot Traveler's Notebook

This Gold Dot Traveler's Notebook will be like the little sister the Planner you just won never had. Seriously though, Traveler's Notebooks are the best! You can journal, do memory keeping, make lists, or really do anything with your traveler's notebook. You can customize it, add additional notebooks inside, and throw it in your bag to take on the go. You won't want to miss all of our Planner and Traveler's Notebook deals on Black Friday!

Traveler's Notebook Wrap with Pocket Pages

A second ago I said you can customize your Traveler's Notebook...Well, this item is a great way to do that! With this wrap you can easily add photos, die cuts and decorations to your Traveler's Notebooks! You just slot the wrap around your elastic and fill it up with your favorite bits and pieces! A super quick and easy way to embellish and decorate. Best yet - you can easily swap out decorations to suit your style, mood or seasonal decoration. Or, use it as a wallet :) There's a large zipper pocket and 3 card slot pockets you can fill with pictures or decorations.

Sticker Value Pack

Next up, STICKERS! These are the Happy Planner Value Sticker Pack stickers, but you can use them in any planner, really. You get 30 pages of stickers (that's over 1,400 stickers in one pack)! I always have the problem of not wanting to use my stickers once I have them because they are too pretty. Anyone else, or just me? I don't feel as bad when there are over 1,400 to choose from!

Tombow Twintone Markers

Last but not least, to round out Giveaway #4, we have the Tombow Twintones! These are great for color coding, everyday writing in your Planner, Bullet Journaling, coloring, name it! Basically, if you write, draw or doodle on paper you need these markers! They are dual-ended, with a broad bullet tip for bold lines and lettering and an extra fine tip perfect for writing and detailing. The water based ink does not bleed through most papers. The giveaway includes the Brights set, but you'll definitely want to check out the Pastels, too!


Day 5 Giveaway: You Pick It!

You've seen 4 days of Black Friday sneak peeks so you get to use your new found knowledge and build your own giveaway! So far we know that there will be a bunch of Tim Holtz, Planner Goodies, Pens, and Markers (helllllllo, Tombow!) at crazy low prices and there is still so much more to come! So, if you had an extra $50 to spend at Blitsy on Black Friday, what would it be on? Sound off in the Facebook group!


Day 6 Giveaway: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I am THRILLED to share today's giveaway with you guys. These are new exclusive products that will be an amazing steal on Black Friday. They aren't available yet and they'll probably get snatched up pretty quickly when our deals go live at midnight on Black Friday. Here's what you'll win with this giveaway

Craft Scissor Caddy

This Craft Scissor Caddy is awesome! You get 12 decorative edge craft scissors, so each of them has a unique cut. They're perfect for all of your paper crafting. The best part is they come in a really nice metal caddy, so you can display them on your desk or shelf and easily access your new favorite scissors!

100 Fibra Color Markers

Another exclusive item (coming Black Friday) is this set of 100 Bullet Tip Markers. These are non-toxic, water-based, and acid-free. They're perfect for journaling, planners, some lettering techniques, and so much more! I love the white base of the marker with the colored top because I think it looks clean and fresh (and will make for good IG photos :) Oh, and these also come in a nice, sturdy stand so you can leave them out on your desk for decor and easy access!

70 Pc Artist Colored Pencil Set

To round out your rainbow giveaway we've also thrown in these colorful pencils! And, you guessed it, the come in a nice case for easy display in your workspace!

Day 7 Giveaway: Say it with a Letterboard

Ok, every day I have a new favorite giveaway. Today it is this one! I have been wanting one of these for a long time and Blitsy finally has them! Add this to your list for Blitsy Black Friday. Think of all the fun signs you can create: first day of school, pregnancy announcement, favorite motivational quotes, the possibilities are endless! I especially love the Die Cuts with a View Letter Boards because they are affordable. The reason I haven't bought a letter board in the past is because they can be pricey! These are super affordable and already come with 188 letters/symbols to get you started right out of the box. You may want to pick up a few extras, though...See the rest of the giveaway and you'll know what I mean.

2" Gold Letter Board Letters

It's awesome that the Letter Boards come with black letters, but sometimes you might want to switch the colors up to emphasize words, to match a holiday, or just because! These gold letters would be great for holiday and New Year sentiments! You can also get other colors like teal, pink, navy, coral, and silver.

Letter Board Word Packs

How cool are these Word Packs?! These open up the creative possibilities with these Letter Boards so much. You can mix and match the words and letters for so many phrases and saying. The giveaway includes 2 word packs, but there are so many to choose from.

Dya 8 Giveaway: Tools of the Trade

Here's what you'll get from today's prize pack

Washi Chomper Tool

Create your own washi tape embellishments with the new Washi Chomper tool! This tool allows you to easily create banners, arrows, chevrons, tabs, and more. This will cut washi tape, ribbon, paper, and other materials. It's perfect for planners, journals, notebooks, cards, layouts, and more. Do more with your washi!

Supreme Ruler

Here's another tool you never knew you needed :) This awesome 18 inch ruler has an easy grip hand and non-slip bottom, a handle which doubles as a finger guard, and a durable metal edge for cutting. Measure in inches and centimeters, with a handy center alignment guide. The transparent plastic makes it easy for positioning on a cutting mat, so you can be sure to get the cut you want every time! The adjustable placement guides are super useful for cutting many pieces quickly.

Crop-a-Dile Punch & Eyelet Setter

We all know eyelets are the hardest embellishments to attach, right? Well not if you have the Crop-A-Dile! This is an all-in-one tool that makes it extremely easy to punch and attach eyelets onto any project. It pouches 1/8 and 3/16 inch holes through virtually any type of material, including paper, leather, fabric, chipboard and more. The Crop-A-Dile comes with a sliding measuring guide for precise hole and eyelet spacing, marked in both inches and centimeters, making it easy to set your eyelets exactly where you want them.

Banner Punch Board

The Banner Punch Board is a MUST-HAVE if you haven't already gotten one! Create your own personalized banners in minutes using your favorite scrapbook paper. This Banner Punch board features three different types of banner shapes - Pennant, Flag, and Crest - allowing you to create an assortment of bunting banner flags. Great for creating a personalized banner for a baby shower, bridal party, or any other special event. Use with your choice of scrapbook papers, you can embellish these banners with all sorts of bits to create one-of-a-kind banners for any occasion.

Basically, this giveaway is hinting to you that Blitsy is the place to be for all sorts of crafting tools this Black Friday! We love all of the WRMK tools, but rest assured there will be others at crazy low prices, too!

Day 9 Giveaway: Journal It

Here's what you'll get:

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dot Notebook

The Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dot Grid notebooks are sort of like the gold standard for Bullet Journaling. Even if you have no plans to Bullet Journal, these make great notebooks for note taking at work or for school, doodling, brain dumping, or really anything else! The Metallic notebooks are new at Blitsy and my current favorite! These notebooks have 80 g/m² acid free high ink compatibility paper. There are 251 numbered pages along with 12 perforated and detachable sheets, blank table of contents, an expandable pocket, 2 page markers, and a sticker for labelling and archiving. The thread-bound book opens flat has an elastic enclosure band. You'll love it!

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Essential Planner Pack

Write, draw, highlight, stencil, and more in your planner with the Design Memory Craft Essential Planner Pack. This set comes with 3 GRIP Highlighter pencils, 1 PITT Artist Pen and 2 Designer stencils. You can use it with any planner system you have and it's easy to carry with you when you travel, so you can stay organized on the go! The 3 triangular, ergonomic highlighter pencils are comfortable to use and will not roll off of a flat surface. The PITT Artist Pen is filled with India ink which is permanent, odorless, waterproof, lightfast and archival. And the paper stencils are lightweight and perfectly sized for both travel and home usage.

Tombow Galaxy Dual Brush Pen Set

Galaxy Dual Brush Markers are great for lettering and the colors are perfect for creating those galaxy theme backgrounds, letters, and projects you've probably been seeing everywhere. This set features 9 colors and comes with a colorless blender pen. They have a flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker. The Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it's point stroke after stroke. Ideal for hand lettering, coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, and more!

Day 10 Giveaway: Make it Mini - Die Cutting

Here's what you'll get:

Exclusive Mini Die Cutting & Embossing Machine (available Black Friday)

Ahhhh! I have been dying to share this product with all of you. Have you noticed the trend of all things mini lately? There are mini die cutting machines popping up and tons of Dies that you can use in them! Well, this Mini Die Cutting & Embossing Machine is super cute (I love the white and teal design), it's great for keeping out on your desk or traveling with! It's also an exclusive - so you won't find it anywhere else online. Wait until you see the price on Black Friday. Make this one of the first items you drop in your cart. Also, make sure to try to win it in the giveaway!

Cards & Envelopes

Ok, card makers...You'll have your cute little Die Cutting & Embossing Machine, but you'll also want to stock up on card bases! We're throwing in a set of A5 and a set of A7 Card Bases. You'll love the smooth texture and their heavyweight gives them a great high quality that you'll be proud to create on and give to somebody special. These will be an easy item to add to your cart once you see how affordable they are. Stock up for the entire year!

Scrapbook Adhesive Value Pack

While you're at it, you're going to need some adhesive, too! This Scrapbook Adhesives value pack is just what the dr paper crafter ordered!

Day 11: You Call It

Day 11 is another opportunity to choose your own prize! We've been putting out all of these sneak peeks, what's on your list? You can get a lot of great stuff at Blitsy for $50!

Day 12 Giveaway : Bursting with Color

We LOVE Color Burst here at Blitsy - and our artist/designer friend, Ken Oliver! Plus, this was one of the most requested items in our Blitsy Insiders Facebook Group, so we thought it was only fair to turn it into a giveaway!

You don't need to be a watercolor expert to use Color Burst Powders. If you aren't familiar, these are concentrated microfine watercolor powders that can be used for backgrounds, card making, mixed media projects, and more. Best of all, this powdered color gives you the freedom to experiment with techniques! The powders can be sprinkled onto a dry sheet of paper (or even used with stencils) and then spritzed with water. Try adding powder to a damp sheet of paper for a different look or even mix colors in a spray bottle filled with water to create custom effects. You'll have so much fun playing with Color Burst.

Liquid Metals

If you Love Color Burst (or soon to love Color Burst) you'll want to add metallic luster for a cool look!

Liquid Metals is a finely granulated metallic powder along with a colorant in a dispersing liquid in a handy dropper bottle. Spritz your paper with water, tap on Color Burst, and then add drops of the Liquid Metals on top (swirl a bit - if you like) to create a beautiful metallic overlay. Enjoy incorporating Liquid Metals into all your Color Burst techniques, and don't be afraid to experiment!

Mineral Burst

Another great medium to add to your Color Burst creations is Mineral Burst! You can create a shimmered look by brushing this onto your chosen surface, splatter it to bring the galaxy

closer to earth, or add it to other mediums to make them glimmer. Mix it up by adding Color Burst!

Best Ever Craft Mat

Don't forget the Craft Mat! This isn't just any craft mat, it's the Best Ever Craft Mat. I have like 10 of these, no joke. I really love it! Check out this video I did awhile back showing just why it is the best ever... Oh, and there's also a large version now. Score!

Day 13 Giveaway

New Me and My Big Ideas has arrived! The Memory Keeping Collection is at the top of my list. Plus, some Mini Happy Planners, Sticker Value Packs, and more! In this giveaway we kick it off with the Life is Beautiful Box Kit. You get everything you need in the box to get started with your planning and memory keeping! helps you document your precious memories in real world time. No more staring at blank pages wondering how to get started or spending hours on one layout. Let's be honest, we all WANT to get those pictures off our phones and preserve them in some way. The Memory Planners from MAMBI make it easy. This box kit comes with a Big Happy Planner (undated so you can start/stop whenever you please), 13 pretty laminated dividers, 23 additional themed pages for Memory Keeping, 3 sticker sheets and 2 rolls of washi tape!

Happy Memory Keeping Pre-Punched Cardstock Pad

These new paper pads are perfect for pairing with your Big Happy Planner!! These pre-punched, double-sided cardstock sheets are the best. Simply remove from the pad, pop the

m into your planner and add the goods! Great for photos, ticket stubs or other memorabilia. The colorful patterns add a pop of color…and that's never a bad thing!

Happy Memory Keeping Sticker Value Pack

Happy Memory Keeping BIG Sticker Value Pack - Everyday Memories

Have you discovered Me and My Big Ideas Sticker Value Packs yet? I am sure you have, but if you haven't...I am sorry to be the enabler! Each pack has over a thousand stickers for your planners! The new Memory Planner packs are perfect for memory keeping and can also be used for everyday planning.

If you've been following along with these giveaways then you've probably come to realize that Blitsy is your go-to spot for Planner and accessories this Black Friday. We'll have new selections on sale from not only MAMBI/The Happy Planner, but also My Prima Planner, Webster's Pages/Color Crush, Simple Stories, American Crafts, and more!

Day 14 Giveaway: To Die For

Here's what you'll get:

Tim Holtz Snow Globe Die

Dies, Dies, Dies!! Blitsy is your go-to for all things Die Cutting. Stamps, too! But this giveaway is jam packed with Dies from some of our favorite companies. We're kicking it off with Tim Holtz Sizzix. This Snow Globe Die is sure to be a favorite this holiday season!

Echo Park Be Merry Embossing Folder

I think Echo Park has the cutest collections! Their paper collections speak for themselve, but they also have Dies, Stamps, and Embossing Folders. The one in this giveaway, Be Merry, would be great for your Holiday Cards. It has trendy script words in traditional sayings for the holiday season.

Elizabeth Craft Designs - Banner Die Set

Elizabeth Craft Designs has so many great Dies! This Banner Die Set will be a staple, used over and over again for your cards and layouts. It can also be paired with the Banner Sentient Stamp Set so you always have the right thing to say!

Penny Black Stitched Frame

Penny Black fans won't want to miss the Black Friday deals! I love the detail of this snow flake stitched die. Add dimension and detail to your cards this season!

Altenew Cover Die

The Altenew Cover Dies are designed to perfectly cover the front of an A2 Card! The Striped Leaf Cover Die can be used in a variety of ways - Cut it from brightly colored cardstock for a tropical feel, or from muted or specialty papers for a bit of elegance.

Sizzix Die Brush Tool

If you're going to be doing all of that Die Cutting then you're definitely going to want the Sizzix Die Brush Tool! This is not a brush you want to ignore. If you keep finding pieces of paper around your craft area even after vacuuming or sweeping, you need this brush. It is an easy to use tool with its ergonomically designed handle. Just place the paper on the foam pad and roll the brush over it. Then, shake the foam pad over your garbage and voila! No paper flying everywhere that will haunt you days later as you keep spotting it on the floor. It saves you time when you're using the dies with intricate designs and don't want to spend forever making sure each piece is punched out. Works with wafer thin, chemically etched dies of all brands.


Well, we are another day closer to the big day! Which giveaway are you loving the most? Let me know in the Facebook Group!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the next prize pack and another chance to enter!
Happy Crafting,

ps - for Golden Scissors info and everything Blitsy Black Friday go here.



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