Wonderful Watercolor Pencils ( with Video)

Posted by Jennifer Snyder

What's all the buzz with watercolor pencils?

They are clean, incredibly easy to use and perfect for people of all ages. They are not messy like traditional watercolors and there is no need for sloppy paintbrush cleanups. Plus you don't need to fret over spills.

Watercolor pencils are an easy way to add color to a variety of projects and crafts; cards, stamps, pocket pages, resin, wood, ribbon, and more. Jennifer Snyder has created a few samples and provided a video to help get you started.

Here's What You Will Need

Prima Watercolor Pencils

Prima Watercolor Brush

Prima Watercolor paper

How To Use Them

Watercolor Pencils on Resin

Here is an example showing the wonderful results you can achieve by using watercolor pencils on resin. The heart is from Prima and part of the Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts resin collection. You can find more details here. You can also find details on the photo below here.

Watercolor Pencils on Wood, Flowers and Patterned Paper

This card uses the watercolor pencils in a variety of ways - on the Julie Nutting Wood Doll, paper flowers, and patterned paper. You can find more details here.

Watercolor Pencils to Enhance Stamps

Watercolor pencils can be used for a soft pastel touch as in the delicate heart card above ( more details found here) or use them for a bold and robust look as in the image below.

Watercolor pencils are a quick way to jazz up your stamped images. You can see Jennifer's close up photos here.

Here is another example of mixing watercolor pencils with stamps to achieve beautiful effects. You can see Jennifer's original post here. with more description and close up images.