Wedding Card With a Twist

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Wedding season is quickly approaching. Instead of giving a card that blends in with the sea of wedding cards the bride and groom receive, have yours stand out!

Picture That Sound is a recordable card that allows you to capture the sound of a special moment. Have you ever looked at a special photo and closed your eyes to picture the sound in your head? Maybe your daughter laughing, your son's young voice reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, your party guests yelling "Surprise!" or your grandmother's singing voice. Now you can pair your photos with the actual sound of that special moment!

Since the Picture That Sound card has a basic design on it, you can customize it to any event or moment you want to capture. I took the wedding theme Picture That Sound and added fun wedding accents and embellishments. I then added a special message to the bride and groom. My message can be played for years to come!

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

I put a strip of washi tape across the center of my card and trimmed the ends.

I glued a large MME confetti piece on top of my washi tape.

I then added my bride sticker.

Next, I added a medium black confetti piece and layered a small black confetti piece and a silver confetti piece. I then punched out a circle from my heart vellum paper and added it on top of my medium black confetti piece.

I added my groom sticker on top of my circles and next to my bride sticker.

I ran my love die through my die cutting machine.

I glued my love die cut on top of my washi tape. I then added 6 crystal stickers and a round silver embellishment to finish my design.

Time to record a message!

Flip the switch to the 'On' position located on the side.

Hold down the 'Record' button. Begin recording your message when you see the red light. After you are finished recording your message, take your finger off of the 'Record' button.

Hit the 'Play' button to play back your message.

If you are satisfied with your message, remove the tab on the side. This will save your message.