Vintage Dove Christmas Ornaments

Posted by Stephanie Chan

I remember making pillow ornaments as a kid. Back then I made them in different shapes, but today I'm celebrating the dove, a symbol of peace and perfect for Christmas. I found some vintage dove images and paired them with pretty contrasting fabrics and Ric Rac trim to make my Vintage Dove Christmas Ornaments.

Here's What You'll Need

  • June Tailor Iron-On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers
  • Vintage dove images from The Graphics Fairy (use my printable below)
  • Ink jet printer
  • Quilter's cotton fabrics
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Medium Rick Rack Trim
  • Polyester fiber stuffing
  • Rotary Cutter, quilting ruler, self-healing mat
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins

Let's Get Crafty!

Download the printable Vintage Dove Images that I've placed on two sheets with three images each. Or, you can head on over to The Graphics Fairy, and save them directly from there and resize them to your liking. Here are the direct links to the images I used: Beautiful Dove at Sea, Beautiful Dove Star Image, Superb Dove with Moon and Stars, Extraordinary White Dove, Christmas Dove with Sign, and Valentine Scrap Dove Image. My images came out to about 3x5 inches or so.

If you're using my printable above, do a test print on regular paper first to see if you like the size (same goes if you are saving them directly from the website). Once you like how everything looks, you can print out the images onto the Iron On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets. Load them into your printer so that the printing will appear on the matte side (not the shiny side). It's easy to tell which is which with these sheets so that's good! Note: you do not need to print them as mirror images. You'll be fusing them face-up, so you can leave the image as is.

Cut out each image. For the ones with a rectangular background but no border, I left about a 1/8 inch white space all around. If there was a border in the image, I cut right at the outside edge of the border. For the one image with no border or background at all (the dove with the pink rose), I cut 1/8 away from the widest point on all four sides of the image. Then, center one onto your cotton fabric, and cut an inch all around your image piece. Cut an identical piece of cotton fabric to serve as the back piece of the ornament.

Fuse the image piece onto the center of one cotton piece, following the directions on the package (do a test of a scrap first if you prefer). Pre-heat your iron to cotton setting (no steam). Place the image face up onto your cotton fabric, and press 10-15 seconds, making sure all areas are thoroughly fused.

Take an 8-inch piece of Ric Rac and fold it in half. Then, form a V shape and place the ends at the top edge of your cotton piece, with each end sticking out about an inch. The ends should also be about 1 inch in from either side edge of the cotton piece.

Carefully lay down the 2nd cotton piece over the first, right sides together, and pin. Pin through the Rick Rack to keep it in place, then pin all around. Leave a 2-inch stuffing/turning hole at the bottom edge (I use different pins to remind myself not to sew there).

Sew all around, starting at one end of the opening and finishing at the other, with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Trim the corners and the excess Ric Rac.

Turn it right side out, poking out the corners. Tuck in the seam allowance at the turning hole, making sure the seam is even, and press. Stuff the ornament with stuffing, evenly but not too firmly.

You can sew the opening closed by hand with a slip stitch, or you can just machine sew it (that's why I said don't stuff it too firmly, otherwise you'll be wrestling with it at the machine!). Slowly sew from edge to edge.

I realized that you could also make these as signs instead of pillow ornaments. Instead of stuffing them, just top stitch all around after you turn them right side out. You could add some stiffness by fusing some interfacing to one side before sewing. OR, you could quilt them! Instead of stuffing, use batting, then you could machine quilt around the image.

Until we get our tree, I'm hanging them all over the house. Here, they're on my dresser. I'm also going to hang them on doorknobs and on coat hooks. You could also hang them as a garland. They would make cute gift toppers as well!