Upcycle a Wine Bottle Into a Glass-Etched Oil Pourer

Posted by Morena Hockley
Learn how to easily etch glass to upcycle a wine bottle into a beautiful dispenser for oil or other liquids!

If you're familiar with my crafting, you know that I love to craft with recycled and thrifted items. I found a set of two bottle pourers at the dollar store, and I knew I wanted to use them to turn my empty wine bottles into flavored oil dispensers. Of course I had to decorate the bottle, too! Here's how easy it is to do.


  • Wine Bottle
  • Stencil
  • Bottle Pourers
  • Armour Etch

Remove the label from the bottle and clean it well. I like to remove the label by first soaking the bottle to remove as much of the label as possible, them use a product like Goo Gone to remove the residue. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the glass and let it dry.

Place the desired stencils on the glass. I like to use adhesive stencils to get cleaner edges. The adhesive stencils are reusable and very easy to clean. They come in several designs and sizes, too. I used an alphabet stencil with a scroll design to etch my wine bottle.

Apply the etching cream to the design. I use and old brush to apply the cream. It's best to do this in a well ventilated area, since the fumes can be strong. You want to apply a heavy layer for the Armor Etch to work correctly, as pictured.

Allow the cream to set for about a minute. It doesn't take long at all. Place the bottle under running water in the sink, and rinse off the etching cream. Once it has been rinsed off you can remove the stencils and admire your design! All that's left to do is fill your bottle and add the top. I plan to make a few so I can flavor my oils. I like to add a fresh rosemary sprig to the bottle to add a refreshing flavor. Have fun crafting and creating!