Two Ways to Stencil Fabric with Tulip's One Step Tie Dye Kits

Posted by Morena Hockley
Learn two techniques for stenciling your fabric with tie dye inks!

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Tulip's One Step Tie Dye kits do so much more than tie dye! The product quickly and easily puts vibrant, long lasting color on fabric. I'm going to show you two fun ways that you can use your Tulip tie dye kit with your favorite stencils to create beautiful designs on fabric.

  • Canvas Tote Bag: Mark Richards Blank Canvas Tote Hand Held
  • Stencil1 Set 6/Pkg-Graffiti Theme 1
  • Elmer's Glue (washable)
  • Tulip One-step Tie Dye Kit
  • Mister Bottle

How to create a design with the glue resist technique:

1. Place the desired stencil on the fabric and tape it in place. Use glue to fill in the lines of the stencil. Let it dry completely.
2. Add water to the fill line of the dye bottles, and shake to activate the color. Squeeze the dye into a misting bottle.
3. Spray the dye onto the glue design. Let it the dye set for several hours.
4. Rinse the excess dye off, and hand wash the bag. Lay it flat to dry, and iron if needed.

How to create a design with stencils and misters:

1. Place the stencil on the fabric.
2. Add water to the dye bottle and shake to mix the water and powder. Add the liquid dye to the misting bottle.
3. Mist the dye over the stencil. Don't oversaturate the fabric or the design will run!
4. Remove the stencil. Mist the fabric with a contrasting color if desired.

One of my misting bottles became clogged so I ended up with lots of dark splatters, but it works with my 80s inspired design. If you want to avoid dark splatters like mine, try propping your fabric up on an easel and spraying the mist on. This way you get more of the fine mist on the fabric while the heavier drops will fall to the floor. ( this in the grass or on a protected surface!) Have fun crafting and creating with dyes and stencils!