Two Valentine's Day Cards to Make Now

Posted by Meghan Quinones
With a little glitter and shake, these Valentine's Day cards are sure to delight!

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I am here to tell you Valentine's Day cards don't need to be boring. That's right, you can have a little fun making your cards this year and give Valentine's Day cards that will make your friends and family smile with delight. All you need to do is scoop up the Queen and Co. Shaker Card Heart Throb Kit. This guy is full of so many foam shapes and elements to create a ton of cute Valentine's Day cards. Check out the post on the Heart Throb Shaker Card Kit to get a closer look at all of the goodies that come in the kit.

The first card to make with your shaker card kit is this simple heart shaker card. The foam piece and all of the embellishments come in the kit. The only thing that didn't come in the kit was the card base! What makes this design so great is it can be whipped up in minutes.

Card #1 Supplies:


1. Run the heart die and love die through a die cutting machine.

2. Cut two strips of paper (one thinner than the other one) and glue them to a card base.

3. Glue the solid heart die to the card base.

4. Pop out foam center of heart shaker shape and stick it on top of heart die cut on the card base (Save the center, it will be used for another project!).

5. Add toppings.

6. Peel back the liner on the heart shaker shape and place an acetate cover on top.

7. Glue the other heart die cut on top.

8. Add the Love die cut, the "You" sticker, and 3 adhesive enamel dots.

The next card I want to show you actually uses what, to most people, would be considered garbage. I took the heart centers and made them the main focus of my card. What really makes this card so special is the glitter. The adhesive on the foam heart works great with glitter!

Card #2 Supplies


1. Cut a piece of patterned paper that is a quarter inch smaller than your card base. Glue it to the center of your base.

2. Peel the film off the heart foam shapes and add glitter to the top of both.

3. Use your finger to burnish the glitter.

4. Peel off the liner of both heart foam shapes. Add each to your card base.

5. Add the "You and Me" sticker to the center and put an enamel dot of each side.

With a little creativity you can really create some cute Valentine's Day cards that will be remembered for years to come!