Turn Your Notebooks Designer Gold

Posted by Kim Dellow

Gold is a big trend this season so how about a makeover to update your notebook covers with designer-worthy gold patterns?

Here Is What You Will Need:

Krylon Gold Leafing Pen (Try this version from Elmer's!)

Moleskine or Moleskine-style notebooks

Washi tape or masking tape

Let’s Make!

Start by covering the front and back of the notebook cover with strips of Washi tape. The thinner tapes are preferable but thick ones work as well. Remember to leave many parts of the cover visible.


If you have a sticky tape, then try pressing the tape to your clothing first before sticking to the notebook cover. This helps to cut down the amount of fibre pulls you get when you take the tape off your notebook surface and helps get a neater finish.

Once you have covered the notebook, start filling the spaces left with the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen. Remember to give the pen a good shake from time to time as you work.

Once you have covered all the spaces with the pen, slowly peel off the tape. You now have a designer-worthy gold notebook!

Thanks for popping by.

Kim Dellow