This To That: Papermania Little Meow

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Calling all cat lovers! Your heart will melt when you see Little Meow from Papermania! Here are three ways to use these purr-fect collection.

Cat lovers, rejoice! If you are a cat lover, you are going to LOVE the Little Meow Collection from Papermania! This darling collection was made just for you. Sweet kitties are prominently featured alongside dainty bows and ribbons, all in shades of delicate pastels. Now, if you are thinking you can only use this collection for your cat-obsessed friends, think again!

When it comes to a good theme built around cats, there really are no rules. You could incorporate cats into a birthday card, baby shower gift, home decor piece, and so much more! As I searched for some inspirational projects incorporating the Little Meow Collection, I was blown away at all of the cuteness I came across. Let me just say that I am traditionally a dog lover; cats do not usually pop up on my cute radar. So, if I was compelled to click to see more cat-centered projects, you will too!

Here are 3 ways to use the Papermania Little Meow Collection!

1. This Shabby Chic Little Meow Card via DoCraft Blog will melt your heart. How cute is the little kitty popping out of the gift box?!

2. We've all added bows to our heads after opening a present (I'm not alone on this, right?), this tradition is carried through in the Little Meow Especially for you Card via DoCrafts Blog. The cat has a bow on its head! EEK!

3. Okay, this is where the cuteness reaches a new level. Paula from the DoCrafts Blog adds her Little Meow papers and embellishments to a frame. Is this not the sweetest thing for a little girl's room?!