This to That: Enkausticos Hot Cakes

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Hot Cakes are professional encaustic paint in a ready-to-use, convenient refillable metal tin. The Hot Cakes tin design makes the encaustic paints extremely easy to use. Simply unscrew the lid, peel off the back label, and place the metal tin full of color onto your hot palette. The paint can be remelted numerous times without concern as long as you work at proper working temperatures. The tin's flat bottom ensures that your paint will melt evenly. When you are finished painting simply allow the paint to cool and then, replace the lid. The lid will keep your paint both clean and dust-free during storage.

You can use the Encaustic Hot Cakes to create gorgeous mixed media projects. Suze from SuzeBlogs used her Encaustics on a canvas to make a charming 'home' piece of art. I love the detail the key adds to her piece. So cool!

Want to make your own piece of artwork? Find your perfect color of Encaustic Hot Cakes HERE!