This To That: DIY Safety Pin Pendant Light

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Did you know we sell safety pins here at Blitsy? Well, we do! It is so hard to keep track of all the awesome products we sell since we carry pretty much anything and everything you would ever want to craft with! When I saw the safety pins, I wanted to find a project that showcased just how cool these mighty little pins are.

Typically safety pins are used for sewing, pinning up a pair of pants with a snagged hem, or fixing a pair of pants whose button fell off! However, I have also seen others incorporate safety pins into jewelry making. You can create edgy, glamorous jewelry with safety pins! People have created stretch bracelets and fashionable pin accessories. Safety pins allow you to expand on your creativity by threading on beads or charms.

Like I said, I wanted to try and find a project that incorporated safety pins in a unique way that would be unexpected. I may have found the raddest and most unique safety pin project ever! This safety pin DIY will blow your mind! Camilla from Inspire Me Blog used her safety pins to create an amazing lamp! She paired her safety pins with some chicken wire to get the shape of her light. She extended her safety pins beyond the chicken wire, creating almost a dripping effect. What I love most about this light is the industrial vibe it gives off. Oh, and the fact that the overall cost to make it is so minimal. I do love me a good budget friendly DIY! Be sure to check out Camilla's DIY Safety Pin Lamp.

What have you made with safety pins?