This To That: DAS Air Drying Clay

Posted by Meghan Quinones

If you ask me, tealights are awesome. Why? Because they are small, affordable, and great to keep on hand for that unexpected party where a little ambiance is needed. My only issue with tealights is finding/having a cute tealight holder to house them. I honestly have a bag of them in my closet, but nothing to put them in! When I saw these adorable DIY Faceted Clay Tealights Holders from Emma over at Gathering Beauty, I instantly fell in love. Her tealight holders are so easy to make with a little help from DAS Clay!

Das Clay allows you to create three-dimensional lasting works of art easier than ever since it is super pliable and a breeze to handle for artists of all ages. Because this safe-to-use clay hardens by air with no oven baking required, masterpieces are dry in 24 hours or less. Smooth, even texture is great for students and even professional artists. It's also ideal for stamping and texturing, as well as molding and sculpting. You can also use DAS Clay for making frames, figurines, beads, coasters, tiles and more!

What are you waiting for? Grab your DAS Clay and get makin'!