This To That: Darice Jewelry Wire

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Darice Aluminum Jewelry Wire is a vibrant line of permanent colored wire that is the perfect inspiration you need for all your creative projects! Make amazing pieces of art, use as an embellishment on greeting cards, tag art, memory making, and picture frames. You can create jewelry pieces, home decor accents, and much more! This is a lightweight, malleable wire that is easy to work with that comes in a variety of colors and gauges.

I love the look of silver and gold together. By combining these two metals, you truly have a versatile piece that can pretty much be worn with anything! You can use the Darice Jewelry Wire to create the same industrial earrings made by Rena from Rena Klingenberg Jewelry Making Journal. These earring do not require a ton of supplies to make. You really only need Darice Jewelry Wire, 2 jump rings, and 2 earwires. What are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and make!