These Art Pens Create Stunning Effects You've Got To See!

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Find out why Chameleon Color Tones Pens and Color Cards will change the way you color.

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Are you ready to be wowed? When we first tried Chameleon Color Tones we were blown away by how these art pens created seamless blending for effortless 3D techniques. The secret to their magic is a specially designed mixing chamber that creates a range of light to dark hues all in one pen!

Some of the wonderful features of these art pens are as follows:
- Double-Ended Pen with Japanese SuperSoft Brush and a Bullet Nib
- Professional Quality Alcohol-Based Ink
- Refillable Ink Chambers
- Replaceable Nibs
- Permanent on Most Surfaces
- Compatible with all other Alcohol-Based Inks
- Non-Toxic and Low Odor

They are ideal for all types of paper crafts including fine art projects, illustration and coloring, which is why when paired with the Chameleon Color Cards, it's easy to create amazing coloring results. Color Cards come with coloring guides for each illustration and indicate a light source, highlights, shading and shadows. There are various themes to choose from and each pack contains 16 coloring cards in 8 designs. With these art pens you can learn to color and create beautiful art all at once! The picture below gives you an idea of how beautifully these art pens blend, but to truly see the magic watch this video to learn how they do it!

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