The Power of a Sharpie and a good stencil

Posted by Laurel Beard

The power of a Sharpie and a stencil

Hi there! It's Laurel Beard here with you today!!! So... You've got a plain white mug! And you want to jazz it up but don't know where to start and don't want to spend a bunch of cash? Well then take on this DIY project and within 10 minutes, you can create something fun and for under $10!!!! Let's get started!

Get yourself a plain white mug! Wipe it down with alcohol to remove all the gunk that might be lingering behind! Then grab yourself two things! A black Sharpie and a great stencil! I used a fun coffee stencil from The Crafters Workshop! Oh, you might want to grab some tape (painters tape, washi) to help secure your stencil into place! Or you can just hold in place with your hand if need be.

Tape the stencil to the mug with painters tape or any kind of tape to secure the stencil in place. Since my stencil was a 12x12, I simple cut out the coffee mug image I wanted to use so I didn't have to try and secure a part of a 12x12 stencil around my coffee mug! That would have been a pain, AND hard to do! :) I grabbed my black Sharpie and traced the stencil coffee shape onto both sides of the mug. I added a few polka dots to finish it off and voila! Seriously, it's just that easy! And you can put any kind of image you want to on your coffee mug! Free hand or use a stencil! And Sharpies come in loads of different colors so you can totally jazz it up and have so much fun!

Sit back and sip a nice cup of joe from your new coffee mug! Oh, hand wash it first, lol!!