Techniques For Layering Acrylic Paint

Posted by Kim Dellow
Not sure how to start layering acrylic paint? Try this art journal tutorial for some inspiration you can use in all sorts of Mixed Media projects.

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I love playing with paint, and using layers is a great way to build up interest and texture on a project. There are lots of different ways to use layers in your work but I've chosen a couple of my favourite go-to techniques that you can do right now even if you are a complete beginner.

I'm using an art journal for this project. I use both bought art journals (of which you will find a great range in Blitsy, by the way) and found junk journals such as old event flyers or old books to journal in. For this layout I'm using one of my found junk journals. But these techniques can be easily adapted for anything you might be working on such as a canvas or a wood block or even if you are altering an apron.

So let's get layering!

Here Is What You Will Need:

Golden - Fluid Acrylics: Titan Buff, Titanium White, Permanent Violet Dark, Iridescent Bright Gold Fine, Green Gold, Phthalo Blue Red Shade

Golden - Light Molding Paste

Ranger - Tim Holtz - Distress Paint - Broken China

Golden - Light Molding Paste 8oz

Painting Knife Set 5pc

The Crafter's Workshop Numbers Collage Template

The Crafter's Workshop Tiny Circles Template

Donna Downey Signature Stencils - Grunge Halftone Dots

Carving tools (the Speedball Speedy-Carve Stamp Making Kit has some to get you started)

Speedball Speedy-Carve Stamp Blocks

String stamp

Old credit card or hotel door key

Sakura of America - Micron pen 05 - Black

Kitchen Sponge

Art Journal

Paint brush

Let’s Layer!

Start by dabbing a sponge into the Golden Phthalo Blue Red Shade paint then onto the corners of the page through the TCW Numbers Collage Stencil. Let this layer dry then use the Ranger Broken China paint dabbed directly through the Donna Downey Grunge Halftone Dots stencil and let that dry too.

There you go – two layers already!

Now cover the page up! Well, not completely! Apply a bit of the Golden Titan Buff and the Titanium White paint onto the pages then smooth it over the page using an old credit card. You can smooth it down really thinly so that the page will still show through this new layer. Then let the paint dry.

Now we want to add a bit of texture to the page so use a medium-sized painting (palette) knife to apply some of the Golden Light Molding paste through the TCW Tiny Circles stencil. I’ve applied a little bit in a line at in the bottom left-hand corner of the left page and towards the top right-hand corner of the right page. Let it dry.

Now it is time to add some more colour and I’ve used the old credit card to add the Golden Green Gold paint onto the pages in a streak; once this was mostly dry, I then used a piece of string, coiled and stuck to some art board, to add some Green Gold spiral marks to the pages.

I then used some hand-carved Speedball Speedy-Carve stamps with the Permanent Violet Dark to add some more marks to the page. By mixing the Permanent Violet Dark paint with the Titanium White, I could add another colour to the flower petals to go with the darker tone.


Have a clean cloth to hand to wipe any new paint off the molding paste circles so that the texture can show though on the petals.

To add the finishing touches, add some outlines to the flowers with a Sakura Micron marker pen then add a small touch of glamour with the Golden Iridescent Bright Gold Fine paint and you are done!

Lots of lovely layers and lots of different techniques from using stencils to stamping images. Hope you have fun giving them a go.

Thanks for popping by. Happy Crafting!