Sweet! 11 Crafty Ways To Celebrate National Donut Day

These 11 DIY projects from top craft bloggers are a great way to celebrate National Donut Day without falling into a sugar coma!

So, I may have found my new favorite holiday. I'll always love you, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I just don't know that you can quite measure up to the sweetness that is National Donut Day. Think about it: donut deliciousness comes in so many forms. From glazed to sprinkles to cake to jelly-filled there's something out there for everyone. Yup, a day dedicated solely to this premier pastry is just what this world needed.

And the best way to celebrate any holiday? Crafting, of course! These 11 sweet DIYs will have you surrounded by donuts without sending you into sugar shock. Which yummy crafts are you going to try first?

Donut work too hard! Find these donut bulletin boards with sprinkle push pins at Paint the Gown Red.

Little Things Blogged shares a delicious project for all the crocheters out there! These would make perfect play food for kids.

I can only assume that once you finally break the pinata open you are rewarded with a fantastic selection of glazed, jelly, and sprinkles. Learn how to craft this up at Studio DIY.

This year's hottest accessory: donuts. Learn how to make this polymer clay donut necklace at Artsy Fartsy Mama.

It's not a party with a themed garland (there are rules, you know). This kid-friendly project via My Poppet Makes.

It's been a long day. You're tired and full of donuts. What better place to rest your head than on this DIY donut pillow from A Beautiful Mess?

Let donuts light the way. Tealight candle holder tutorial via Wattlebird.

Donut you want a drink? Add a sprinkle of fun to your cocktail hour with these DIY donut coasters. Via Hello Natural.

All it takes is a liiiiiiitle nail polish (which we love) to make a Kate Spade-inspired donut bangle. Via Kittenhood.

If you really want to go donut DIY crazy, you have to visit Studio DIY. These sunglasses and the pinata are just the tip of the ice (icing?) berg.

Having guests over? Let them know what you're all about before they can even step inside. DIY donut door mat via The House That Lars Built.