Studded Monogram Canvas

Posted by Stephanie Chan

The holidays were VERY colorful for me this year, especially since my girls were extra festive with their choices in decor! While I loved our fun color scheme over the holidays, I'm ready for something more neutral, with a bit of sparkle. I easily added some studs to a painted canvas to create a glamorous monogram art piece.

Here's What You'll Need

  • Two packages of The Bead Giant 1/2" Black Pyramid Nail Heads
  • Two packages of The Bead Giant 1/2" Gold Dome Nail Heads
  • 9x12 stretched canvas
  • Acrylic paints (I used a metallic gold and a satin gray)
  • Paint brushes
  • Vinyl letter (see step 2 below)
  • Pliers

Let's Get Crafty!

Dip your paint brush into a small amount of gray paint and lightly and evenly brush over the canvas. Allow to dry.

Apply your vinyl letter in the center of the canvas. Then, dip another paint brush lightly into the gold metallic paint and brush over the vinyl letter, just an inch or two over the edges to allow the gray to show. Note: I used my Cricut Explore to cut out my letter. I chose a simple (and free) blocky font (Impact) and resized it in my Cricut Design Space to fit in my canvas, about 7 inches tall by 4 inches wide. Or, you could just print out your letter in Word (Impact font would be about 580 pt), trace it onto some vinyl, and cut it out with scissors.

Carefully lift off the vinyl letter and allow to dry.

Here's what the studs look like. There are two prongs underneath. All you have to do is press them with your fingers through the canvas, then use pliers to bend the prongs inward to secure them. I'm using two different colors and shapes in my project.

I started pressing the studs into the canvas along the border of my letter. I grouped the studs in random order and number, and left some space in between, intending for some of the gray background paint to show.

I then started filling in the middle, always placing the studs next to another one. I just kept filling in the letter until it looked like I couldn't fit any more in. Of course, you don't have to do that! You can apply the studs however you wish.

Here's what the canvas looks like from the back. At the red arrow, you can see a few that I folded inward with my pliers in one hand, while pressing on the stud with my other hand from the front of the canvas to keep the stud in place. And that's it! All done.

I paired my new monogram with a large metal one I recently bought from the store. Everyone's name in my family starts with an S (including the's what they had already named her in the shelter!). So I need to make at least one more of these, because one of my girls has already asked "Where's mine?" I'll be grabbing more Bead Giant studs for sure while they're on sale here on!