Stitched Fabric Feather Mobile

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Stitch together some fabric feathers to create a breezy mobile. It's perfect for all seasons and can be displayed in any room in the house.

Making this fabric feather mobile is super quick with the help of a die cutter and your sewing machine! Yes, your die cutter can cut fabric, to make a more durable mobile to display any time of year.

Here's What You'll Need

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Feather Dies

Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine or other machine compatible with Spellbinders Shapeabilities

Cuttlebug Spacer Plate A, Cutting Plate B, and Adapter Plate C

Thin piece of cardboard (like from a cereal box)

Heat' n Bond Lite Iron-On Adhesive

Iron and ironing board

Lightweight cotton fabric in desired colors

Sewing machine and thread


Something to hang everything from: a vintage hanger, a wooden dowel, or a stick from your yard

Twine for hanging (if using a dowel or stick)

Let's Get Crafty

First, make your fabric two-sided by fusing two pieces of fabric together. Cut two pieces of fabric that will fit into your die cutter, and cut a piece of Heat’n Bond Lite that fits just inside it. Place your Heat’n Bond piece bumpy side down/paper side up onto one piece of fabric. Heat up your iron on its cotton setting (no steam) and fuse it to the fabric.Note: "Lite" (in the dark purple package)=you can sew on it, and "Ultra" (in the red package, used in my no-sew applique pillow) is for no-sew projects. And…be sure to read the directions on the package first.

Allow to cool, and peel off the paper.

Place the other piece of fabric on top and fuse it to the other piece. Now you have double-sided fabric. How fun would it be to do two different kinds of fabric! Trim down your double-sided fabric more if needed.

Now, lay out the dies on your A Plate. There are six feathers in this set.

To cut with a Cuttlebug, here’s my plate sandwich to cut fabric, starting from the bottom: 1. A Plate; 2. Dies bumpy side up; 3. B Plate; 4. A piece of thin cardboard (like from a cereal box) and finally 5. C Plate. Roll everything through your die cutter back and forth a few times…

…and it worked! Yay! Just be sure you use lightweight fabric, nothing too thick. I love how it embosses the fabric as well.

Repeat with your other colors. I think I did about two sets of the grey and the blue, and a few additional sets of the beige fabric.

I arranged my feathers into semi-random rows until I liked the configuration. I did some rows with 5 feathers, a few with 3 feathers, and a few with 2 feathers.

Now it’s time to sew them all together. Grab one row of feathers and bring it to your machine. Pull your spool and bobbin threads long, like about 2 feet. These will serve as your hanging threads. Take your first feather and sew down the middle, back stitching one or two stitches. Then as you approach the end of the feather, insert the next feather under your presser foot and continue on until you’ve sewn all of your feathers down the middle. Back stitch when you’re done with the last one, just one or two stitches again.

Continue on with all of your feather rows until you’re done. Don’t trim off the long thread tails! But if you do by accident, it’s ok, just go back to your machine, pull the threads long again, and stitch just a few stitches over your original stitches in the first feather, and this will add back your hanging threads.

I had some beige feathers left over, so I put them in sets of three and fanned them out. Then, I pulled a long long thread and just stitched an inch or so, just so I caught all three feathers.

I will hang these in between all the other feather rows, here and there.

Now grab what you’re going to hang your feathers on. I was going to do a stick from my (usual neighbors who have trees with good sticks for crafting) yard but had no luck! So I was searching for a wooden dowel in my stash when I came across this vintage wood hanger and I thought it would work! And I just started tying my feather strands onto it, and trimmed off any excess thread. Also, you could add other things with the feathers such as strands of ribbon, lace, or beads.

All done! As mentioned, you can use other things to hang the feathers, such as a dowel, an actual stick, or you can make one that’s more three-dimensional and use an embroidery hoop, or take two sticks and cross them. You could then hang it from the ceiling.

I have also used these dies with felt, to make this Fall Felt Feather Wreath. Happy to have made something else with them for a different season, though I think the mobile can be used through the year. Be sure check out’s new Everyday section, where these feather dies and lots more fun and useful craft supplies are available…everyday!