Statement Seed Bead Pendant Necklace

Posted by Meghan Quinones

I am here to show you another super easy project using Craft Fantastic Findings. What can I say, I am obsessed with these products! Craft Fantastic makes jewelry designing so quick and easy. I've made pendants using scrapbook paper and a pair of earrings using Stick-It and glitter. I love that the design possibilities are endless with the Craft Fantastic pendants.

In keeping with the "thinking-outside-of-the-box" approach, I decided to create another necklace using multiple pendants and seed beads. My idea was to add seed beads to the inside of my pendants and add the Glaze and Glue on top. All I did was I add a layer of the Glaze and Glue over my beads and it formed a clear solid coat over my beads, sealing them inside of my pendant. Like I said, SUPER easy! I used 5 pendants to complete my necklace. I was really going for a statement necklace and I think my pendants and seed beads really helped pull this look off!

What do you think?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Chain
  • 5 Craft Fantastic - Medium Round Frame Trays - Antique Brass Finish
  • Craft Fantastic Glaze and Glue
  • Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • Clasp
  • Seed Beads

Let's get crafty!

Fill the inside of your pendant with seed beads. Use your fingers to flatten out the beads and to get rid of any excess beads.

Place a thin layer of Glue and Glaze over your beads. You will want to keep the tip of the bottle off of your beads. If the tip touches your beads, they may stick to it. If this happens, just use your finger to put your beads back in place. Once your pendant has an even layer of Glue and Glaze on it, let it dry. It will dry clear.

Wrap your chain around your neck to determine the desired length. Once you land on the right length, remove one of the links.

Open the last link on your chain. Slide on your pendant and the other side of your chain. Use your pliers to close the open link.

Count 5 links from your first pendant. Open the fifth link and add your pendant. Then, slide the other link on, connectig the necklace back together.

Count 5 links again and add a third pendadnt to the right side of your necklace.

Repeat Steps 4-6 on the other side of your necklace so you are left with a total of 6 pendants necklace. My necklace was long enough to slip over my head, so I decided to forgo a clasp. If your necklace is too short, unhook the top center link and add your clasp.