Simple DIY Beaded Hemp Bracelet

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Silver accent beads and colorful hemp come together in this summer style braided bracelet.

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Hey friends! Today's project is an easy summer style bracelet made from hemp and beads

Here's what you'll need:

  • 6 feet of 20-lb hemp cord (cut to six 12-inch pieces)
  • 15-20 4mm and/or 6mm round silver beads
  • 3mm glue-on end cap set
  • Heavy-duty adhesive (like Super Glue or E6000)

Begin by gluing one end of six 12 inch hemp cords into the metal end cap. Be sure to use an adhesive that is formulated for bonding both fibers and metal, and dries quickly, like super glue. Allow the glue to set so that the cords are secure, and then clip the cords under a clipboard (or any type of clip that will hold your bracelet stead while you work).

Separate the six strands, and pair them up into three groups of two cords. Begin braiding a standard three-part braid, alternating passing the left and right cords to the center. Once you've braided 3 or 4 passes, string a bead onto the outside cord of the part to be passed to the center next. (This photo shows a bead being added to the left side, because the left part will be passed to the center next.)

Slide the bead up so that it sits tight against the side of the braid. Resume braiding, passing that part to the center, and continuing on.

Add beads at regular intervals. I added a new bead every 3 or 5 passes in these photos. If you like the look of more beads, add them after a fewer number of passes. Use a mix of both large and small beads to give your bracelet more variety to the simple design.

Braid a length of 7 inches, and then carefully trim the braid. Add glue to the other metal end cap, and secure it to the end of the braid, holding it in place until the glue sets. (Allow your piece to dry according to the package instructions on your glue before wearing it.)

You can make this bracelet in about 10 minutes using the simple braid, and you get the look of a complex piece just by adding the beads and using multiple cords! The natural fibers and hint of shine makes this a great summer accessory. If you use end caps with the extender chain (as shown here) you can wear this bracelet on either the wrist or the ankle!

Thanks for joining me for today's simple help jewelry project, and happy crafting!

~ Adrianne