Shimmery Crystal Ornaments

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Last week at our Crafternoon we got festive and decorated ornaments. As I looked around at all of the gorgeous ornaments, one ornament in particular caught my eye. It was a shimmery crystal ornament made by Norma. When I saw it, I just had to know how she made her eye-catching ornament!

I was honestly shocked when she told me how she made her ornament. This might be the easiest ornament with the biggest impact of all time! I asked Norma to recreate her ornament so I could document it. So, Norma and I headed to our studio where she poured some glitter into her ornament, gave it a quick shake, and slapped a sticker on the outside of her ornament. This entire process took LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! No joke!

To create Norma's ornament, you only need three supplies. It may look like you need some sort of adhesive to get the glitter to stick to the inside of the ornament, but guess what? You don't! The glitter magically sticks to the inside of the ornament sans glue! I am thinking there is some sort of static helping with this process. Either way, it is AMAZING!

Make sure you check out all of the Mark Richard's Crystal Stickers. As Norma has showed us, these are not just for jewelry!

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Take the top off of your ornamanet. Grab your funnel, or create one using a piece of paper. Insert your funnel into your ornament and begin pouring in your glitter. A little goes a long way!

Add one or may different colors of glitter to the inside of your ornament.

Once you have added your desired amount of glitter, place the top back on your ornament.

Begin to shake your ornament. You will see your glitter magically stick to the sides of your ornament with no glue!

Add your favorite sticker(s) to the front of your ornament (or all the way around your ornament if you wish!). That's it! You now have a gorgeous ornament that looks like a million bucks!