Sei Tumble Dye sprays Tie Dye Shirts

Posted by Laurel Beard

Custom Tie Dye Shirts with Sei Tumble Dye sprays

Hi everyone! I've always been drawn to tie dye.. I don't know why, but I just love all the color and designs and how every single thing you make is unique. Almost impossible to create the exact same design! So I thought I would stick to the basics here; I've used tie dye kits in the past, and I'll say they are a pain! And you get all messy! I was thrilled when they released these sprays! You can buy the kit with all the colors or the colors individually.... And you can also mix and match the colors to create your own custom colors.. :) To create these shirts, you need very few supplies:

Seriously, that's all you need!!!! :)

Lay your shirt flat over a drop cloth or easy to clean surface. I used an old sheet

Grab your colors and start spraying. You can overlap your similar colored sprays to create an ombre type look.

Allow the shirt to completely dry (about an hour)

Toss in the dryer for 20 minutes to set the dry

Wash in cold water on delicate for the first washing


The second shirt, I just crumpled up the shirt, sprayed and crumpled it up some more and sprayed again.... I used three colors here....

You can have so much fun with these sprays!!! :)