Review: ArtBin Yarn Drum Tote

Posted by Jenn

If you're like me, the ability to carry around your plethora of yarn isn't optional; it's a necessity. And sometimes, that necessity is evil.

Mobile crafting (for entrepreneurs who need constant access to their stash, anyway) is often undiscussed in the yarn industry; it seems like an unattainable oasis. The idea of needing to lug huge bags of yarn - however cute those bags may be, or however light those skeins may seem individually - is daunting.

For example, I recently toted five skeins with me on a business trip to Las Vegas. Let's talk about that nightmare: The inability to find which yarn I needed because the balls were stacked on top of one another. The endless rolling-around of the skeins I eventually found and chose to work with. My notions bag constantly falling out of my project bag on the plane and disturbing the people around me (who were probably annoyed that I was clicking away on my needles to begin with). Oy.

Now, compare that with my visit to see family this past Thanksgiving. I received my Yarn Drum in the mail that Wednesday - just in the nick of time to put it through the stash-toting wringer. With more than 20 orders placed in my Etsy shop that week, on top of too-many-to-count last-minute gifts to start for Christmas, it was imperative that I transport at least a few projects with me on my three-day-long trek.

I immediately filled the drum with stash and was more than surprised to discover what could fit inside (and I could see all of it in one quick glance)! Even my husband (who hates the pile of yarn permanently affixed to our living room couch) was amazed at how clear our furniture appeared after I tenderly shoved the fibery goodness into one bag.

With the ArtBin Yarn Drum, I was able to store more than the specified eight standard skeins in an upright position, making each project's yarn supply easy to find. I didn't have to worry about my notions getting disconnected from projects because I could keep them in an attached notions bag. And carrying the tote was never a chore - there's a top handle for moving the bag wherever I needed it or I could have hooked on the longer strap and worn the bag cross-body (which is perfect for heavier items).

As an added bonus, it helps keep my yarn in one place so prancey little cats and dogs don't feel the urge to walk off with my treasures.

I've since needed to use the Yarn Drum on several other trips and couldn't be happier with the amount of storage provided. If you have a couple projects going at once, then the drum is ideal for making sure you can take it all with you while nothing goes awry. If you couldn't tell, it's one of my more highly recommended products and available for a steal from Blitsy. Make sure to check it out if you're a frequent traveler like I am.