Reversible Banner - Valentine's Day to Spring

Posted by Stephanie Chan

I love decorating for all of the different holidays. It livens up our mood and we get excited for what's to come. But when life gets crazy, decor can take a back seat. So I made this reversible banner to make the transition between holidays much easier. All you have to do is flip it over! In this case, I've made a Valentine's Day banner on one side, and a Springtime one on the other. You could do this for any holiday or season throughout the year.

What You'll Need

Let's Get Crafty!

Cut out your letter templates, then trace them onto felt. Then, cut another piece of felt in a contrasting color, slightly larger than the letter, to create a shadow effect. I also created two hearts, as LOVE is only 4 letters long, and SPRING is 6 letters long, so I'll need two extra pennants on the LOVE side.

Do this for both the LOVE and the SPRING letters.

If desired, top stitch the letter piece onto the shadow piece. Or, just glue them together if you'd prefer to go no-sew. Set the letters aside.

Take a chipboard pennant and trace it onto the back side of your scrapbook paper. I'm starting with the Valentine's Day side of the banner. Then cut it out with scissors or a craft knife. For some of the pennants, I simply used one paper design on the entire pennant. For others, I did a patchwork of different designs.

I used my trusty Xyron to add adhesive to the back of my scrapbook paper. Then, I lined it up carefully onto the pennant and pressed it on. For the pennants with a patchwork of different papers, I fed them into the Xyron individually, then pieced them together on the pennant.

Trim off any excess paper if needed. Just turn over the pennant and carefully cut it away with a craft knife.

The pennant comes with two holes already punched, but they will be covered by the scrapbook paper. Just line your hole punch over the holes and punch the hole through the paper.

All done with all of my pennants for the Valentine's Day side. This is a great project for using up all those pretty paper scraps you couldn't throw away!

Turn the pennants over and repeat on the other side with your Spring-themed papers. Here's one I'm making in a patchwork of different papers.

Here are my pretty Springtime-colored pennants done. Tie the pennants together, then hot glue the LOVE letters and hearts to one side, then turn it over, and hot glue the SPRING letters to the other side. And that's it!

Feel free to further embellish your banners, and try this for different seasons and holidays!

The AD Paper Accents Pennants were a great foundation for my double-sided banner. They come in different shapes as well so check them out on!