Quick and Easy Fabric Gift Card Holders

Posted by Brenna

You all know that Blitsy sells gift cards now, right? It is just in time for the craft lovers in your life and of course yourself! Regardless of what type of card you are giving, gift cards have become a popular option. Chances are there is a gift card on your list, so here is a special and thoughtful way to give your gift this year. No matter what your sewing skill level you will be able to make this project in just a few minutes.


  • 2 Coordinating Fabrics
  • Interfacing
  • Pinking Shears
  • Marking Tool
  • Thread
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

Make it!

Cut 2- 3in x 4.5in pieces from each of your fabrics. Cut 1- 2.5in x 4in piece of interfacing.

Sandwich your peices together, back piece of fabric right side down- interfacing- front piece of fabric right side up. Press each of your fabric sandwiches with an iron.

The interfacing is technically only sticking to one piece of fabric, but it will help keep the whole thing together while you sew. The main reason for using it, is that it makes your finished product a little more stable.

Mark a small indent on one of your fabric sandwiches using something rounded as a guide, use chalk or a disappearing ink pen. I used my mason jar full of buttons to mark mine.

Now at your sewing machine, with that same fabric sandwich, place your presser foot edge along the line you just drew. Sew following that line. Also, sew your second fabric sandwich along the top, lining up the edge of your fabric along the edge of the presser foot.

Trim with pinking shears along the top edge of your straight piece and along the marking you made on the curved piece.

Lay the straight- edge piece with whatever you want to be your outside fabric down. Then lay your curved- edged piece on top with outside fabric up. Sew along both sides and bottom.

Finish by trimming those edges with the pinking shears. You're done and it's ready for your gift card!

I loved creating these little fabric gift card holders. I picked fabric that looked Christmasy enough, without actually being Christmas fabric. That way if the person receiving it wanted to use it through out the year for something like loyalty cards they could.

Thank you so much for letting me share this project with you! I hope you find this tutorial helpful. It's always my goal to write tutorials that no matter what your skill level, you will feel confident enough to complete.