Project Formula: Stenciled Scrapband

Posted by Meghan Quinones

It's been some time since I've done a Project Formula. This is where I show supplies currently on sale that can be used together for a project . This is one my favorite features because I have so much fun checking out all of the awesome products and pairing them together to for a project!

Today's Project Formula is perfect for all of you scrapbookers! You can take a Scrapband and add a cute stencil to it. When you are finished, all you do is just wrap that puppy around your scrapbook to keep it from popping open. You could also use it on the spine of your scrapbook to label it!

What would you put on your Scrapband?

Get the full Project Formula here:

  1. Scrapband
  2. Plaid Folkart Stencil Peel & Stick Borders
  3. Plaid Stencil Peel & Stick Alphabet Old School
  4. Sharpie Water-Based Paint Marker Set - 3-Color Metallic Set (Pink, Blue & Green)
  5. Sharpie Paint Marker Set - 5-Color Medium Set (Black, Gold, Red, Silver & White)