Pop Your Wrist With Some Pearls!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Pearls never seem to go out of style. They are so chic and timeless. If you are ever looking for a classy statement piece, pearls are the way to go!

I recently saw J.Crew featuring a single strand pearl bracelet tied with a simple piece of tulle. Now, if you have ever shopped at J.Crew you know the prices are a bit on the high end. Why pay big bucks for a lovely bracelet when you can make it yourself?!

This bracelet consists of three strands of strung pearls. After you have your single bracelets made, all you do is tie them together with ribbon. Ta-Da! You have a lovely pearl bracelet that won't break your bank!

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Measure your wrist and then add 4 inches. Take this measurement and use it to cut 3 pieces of stretch cord. Begin stringing your beads.

Step 2: Keep stringing your beads until you have strung the length of just your wrist plus an inch. Slip one end of your cord through your crimp bead. Then, slide the other end of your cord through the opposite side of your crimp bead (your cords will form an "x").

Step 3: Pull the ends of your cord until your beads are close to your crimp bead.

Step 4: Take your pliers and press down on your crimp bead, flattening it.

Step 5: Put glue on both ends of your cord.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 on your other two cords.

Step 7: Stack all three of your bracelets and tie your ribbon around them. Trim your ends and your ready to rock your new bracelet!