Paper Cup Crab Craft for Kids

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Let's go under the sea! Learn how to transform a simple paper cup into an adorable crab to play with. Your kids will love this simple craft.

Got a few spare red cups? You can make this super quick paper cup crab craft, it's a perfect project to do during the summer break.

Not only is this one fun to make, your kids will also have a whole lot of fun playing with it afterwards, so it's better to do more than one, you don't want to have one lonely crab afterall.

  • red paper cups
  • red construction paper
  • wiggle eyes stickers
  • glue dots
  • scissors
  • black marker

Let's make this lovely creature shall we? Turn the red paper cup upside down. Start by sticking two of the wiggle eyes stickers onto the upper half of the paper cup (aren't these the coolest? I do love how there are many different ones so you can play with the expressions) . Draw the mouth with a permanent marker. I did a smile there but there is no limit to facial expressions you can make, a grumpy face kind of sounds appealing for a crab.

It's time to make the crab claws and little legs. Your kids can either freehand these or they can first draw a template to cut. I folded the red construction paper in half and drew a template to cut for the claws and went freestyle for the little legs.

All that is left to do is to assemble the crab. Stick a glue dot or two onto the crab claws and legs and stick them on the back of the red paper cup. Your little crab is now complete.